How Happy Employees Can Increase Your Company’s Profits

Happy employees will work harder for you and stay with your company longer. Happy employees can also increase your company's profits.

Everybody is aware of the fact that stress is responsible for killing creativity and ruining health.

If a person is happy he is likely to exude greater energy and creativity levels. Unfortunately, employee happiness has never been such a significant priority as the businesses rather focused on keeping their clients and customers happy. But there is a definite connection between happy employees and a satisfied client.

Studies have concluded that a rise in employee focus and passion was observed due to increased productivity. Employee happiness equates to a rise in productivity levels by around 10%.

Employee engagement and productivity are signs of a healthy environment at work. There is no denying the correlation between employee happiness and a business's bottom-line.

Here are some changes you can administer in the management to increase employee happiness levels.

How To Increase Employee Happiness And Morale

1. Develop trust

If you are an experienced businessman you will know that trust is the foundation of any organization. It is not possible to develop a happy work environment if there isn’t any innate trust level between you and the employees.

If the employees feel that the employer trusts them to do the various tasks they are more likely to perform creatively and confidently. This also builds a feeling of being valuable in them. This way they can increase their contribution to raising the business bottom-line.

Having a micromanager is the worst, and sure-fire way to decrease employee happiness.

2. Give them consistent feedback

All employees want their employer to notice their hard work and they also expect good feedback for it from the management. You need to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses and how their performance can be improved.

Be accessible and give them consistent feedback about their work. It opens up communication barriers between yourself and your team. But keep in mind that this feedback can be effective only when it is fair and objective. Use this as a tool for instructions rather than a way of handing out punishment.

3. Provide the employees' growth opportunities

Talented employees will always try to learn and raise their knowledge levels. One of the writers from Harvard Business Review mentioned that one of the more significant driving forces in the case of employee motivation is the urge to get better at work and make progress.

So, if you are looking to lead a team of employees that are engaged do not assign mundane tasks each day. Give them tasks that need productivity and permit them to grow professionally.

4. Appreciate hard work from the employees

Everybody wants to feel recognized and be recognized. Recognize them!

The engaged employees will always try to exceed the call of duty. They always take full responsibility for their assignment and many times will complete them before the deadlines. However, for keeping their motivation levels on the higher side you have to appreciate the hard work continuously.

Always pat their back for the tasks that are well done and provide them due credit for them. Establishing a positive feedback loop makes sure that this engaged employee stays that way. You can use written feedback for the purpose. Convert your files to pdf if you are using any other kind of file for providing the feedback.

5. Offer greater flexibility

Those days are gone when the office hours are 9 to 5. This is the era of digital technology and people are working with greater flexibility and are maintaining a greater balance between work and life. Provide your employees with the independence they need to work as per their preferences.

As long as they are working for 40 hours a week and are meeting the deadlines required by the projects there is no need to chain them to their desks. The advent of cell phones and Wi-Fi devices has made life easy for everyone enabling the employees to work from home and anywhere despite not being present in the office.

By allowing them to work from home you are contributing to their happiness and this means better productivity.

Improving Employee Happiness Boosts Profits

All leaders agree that the attitude of an employee plays a significant role in the success of a company. Whether you want motivated employees or frustrated ones is up to you.

For keeping your teams happy and engaged ensure that you incorporate the five steps described above into your leadership style and execute them every day.

Happy employees are always engaged employees. Provide them a reason to get up every day and be excited about work. Stick to this routine developed with these points and watch your bottom-line rise.

Starting an online business is the way to go during a pandemic and after a pandemic. Many employees are overworked because thy have to also take care of their dependents at home too. Give employees more flexibility and you will have more happy employees!

You will also be happier yourself.