How To Get The Lowest Price Guarantee: The Citi® Price Rewind Program

Are you ready to revenge spend post-pandemic? If so, then you should also find a way to get the lowest price guarantee to save money.

I understand. Buying things we don't need is not exactly a path to building wealth. What's more, I dislike buying things only to see them drop in price soon after. It makes me feel like a dummy!

Getting The Lowest Price Guaranteed

Tiffany's Box - How To Get The Lowest Price Guarantee

That said, I've got needs too baby! Thankfully, my rewards credit card just got a little better. I've been a Citi ThankYou® Preferred Rewards Card user for the past eight years because of their comprehensive rewards program. Everything is linked up to my online account where points accrue like clockwork every month. My goal is to focus as many accounts and assets with one bank as possible to maximize the benefits.

Just in time for the shopping season, I got an e-mail from Citibank highlighting their new Citi® Price Rewind Program. I've been waiting for such a program for a while now. When you shop with your Citi ThankYou® Card, simply register your purchase and Citi will search retailers for a lower price for 30 days after your purchase date. If the price drops more than $25 in that time, you’ll be notified by email that you’re eligible to receive a refund!

The theme is, “You do the shopping, Citi® Price Rewind does the shopping around.” Smart!

Everybody wants the lowest price possible, but seldom do people spend enough time searching. When I see something I like that's priced fair enough, I make a purchase. I can't be bothered with spending more than 10 minutes trying to save $25 bucks even though I feel stupid when I see a price drop after. By registering my purchase, I don't have to search anymore.


It's always fun to list out things to potentially buy during the holidays. Whether we go through with the purchase or not is another matter. I've found that when we list out the things we want and add up the total cost, we end up not spending as much! I plan to get the lowest price guarantee for each item.

* Canon EOS Rebel T3i DSLR Camera: $600 (Considering a serious foray into photography as I try and take all my own pictures for this site)

* Canon Macro Lens: $515 (Macro and/or telescopic lens)

* 13″ MacBook Pro: $1,600-$2,400 (My Macbook is from 2007)

* Nike Air Trainer 1 Shoes: $110 (Retro kicks from the 1980's)

* Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour “Federer” Tennis Shoes: $130 (Tennis shoes wear out every four months now)

* 2 Babolat AeroPro Drive Tennis Racquets: $230 (Always need two+ because strings break during competition all the time)

* Various winter clothes: $300 (Scarf, jacket, pants)

* Tiffany's or similar Jewelry: $30 – $1,000 (Does it matter what I get so long as it's in a pretty box?)

* Thermador Professional Oven: $4,000 (My digital display broke and it will cost $2,500 to fix)

Total: ~$6,000 pre-tax.

Spend Without Fear Thanks To Lowest Price Guarantee

I can easily see the Canon DSLR Camera, tennis racquets, jewelry and various winter clothes go on sale at some point during the holidays. Laptop prices are all over the place right now as well if I don't buy an Apple. I don't understand how millions of people can afford a $1,700 Macbook Pro 13″ Retina Display, but I guess it's a bull market! The camera might drop by $100, the tennis racquets by $50, and the laptop by $100 within 30 days of purchase for a total automatic savings of $250 easy.

My biggest fear is buying an oven! The Thermador Professional probably has the highest mark-up of all the items on the list. I had no idea ovens cost so much because I've never bought an oven before. I'm simply replacing my existing Thermador Professional oven with a new one. Single oven prices range from $1,000-$5,000 so I know there is a lot of wiggle room. I'm sticking with Thermador, Viking, or Wolf because these brands are what future buyers of my house expect at this price point. If I was replacing the oven in my studio rental, then anything is good!

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Online Spending Is Great!

I absolutely HATE shopping when everybody else is shopping. There is no freaking way I'm going to go to the mall during the weekend to shop for deals during the holidays. I'm doing 95% of my shopping online at Amazon or directly on the retailer's site.

There's never a need to wait for sales to get the best deals anymore. Make a reasonable estimate of when a sale will take place, register the product online through Price Rewind, and rest assured you're good for the next 30 days. The new program is excellent and recommend anybody looking for a rewards credit card to pick up a Citi ThankYou® Preferred Rewards Card.

Happy savings! Just remember to not go crazy! Now if the BMW dealer would finally allow me to spend more than $3,000 on my credit card to buy a car.

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9 thoughts on “How To Get The Lowest Price Guarantee: The Citi® Price Rewind Program”

  1. Haha, nice. Let me see if I can afford it first.

    Have a Toffany box making factory going up in the basement, so no worries! Responded to ur twitter questions btw in another one of your comments.

  2. Every year I have the itch to get pumped up for “Black Friday” then I remember that if I needed something chances are that I already had it. The media does a fantastic job advertising things people really don’t need. With that said even if I did need something you DEFINITELY wouldn’t find me out and about shopping for it. I absolutely hate shopping in public, when I rarely do shop my first stop is Amazon. I will look into this card sounds like a great idea.

    1. The funnest thing is looking at our inventory to see what we already have like you say.

      I want to buy the new iPhone 5 as well, but then I upgraded my OS on my Iphone 4, and realized it does almost everything that the 5 does, just a little slower.

      Taking our time to shop is a good strategy.

  3. I hate shopping too, although I don’t mind shopping online! I think it is because I like using shopping bots. You r article just gave me a great business idea, just sell the little blue (Tiffany) boxes. Women love anything in those blue boxes.

  4. Investor Junkie

    Some comments:

    Get the Cannon T4i camera instead. A much better camera, if you plan on doing any video. I know what you mean about the Thermadors. I have one in my house and is on the way out. i don’t think they are very reliable. I don’t care about the brand, I care more about the reliability. My digital display looks like it going to go as well (though ours was built in 1992).

    1. I care about reliability. And i care about brand because future buyers of my house will also care at my houses price point. Appliances are actually cheap relative to home remodeling and labor costs, so you might as well get the best. Mismatched brands can be a deal killer for many home buyers.

  5. I’ve seen commercials for that new Citi rewind program, pretty cool. I don’t plan on doing a ton of shopping this holiday season but I like how that feature works because it’s good all year round and I’m always wondering if things go on sale after I buy them, but I never go back and check.

    Nice shopping list btw. Mine included calendars and holiday cards which I got on sale on Black Friday yesterday, and I’ve got some clothes and stocking stuffers left to buy as gifts for family. I probably should have done that online yesterday to get the biggest discounts, but I had to work and just didn’t feel like doing it last night. I did catch some of the annual crazy video footage at Walmart though. People sure know how to attack each other like savages to get pre paid phones lol. So not my idea of fun! I’m much more happy to shop online away from the crowds and crazy people tugging over boxes of electronics.

    1. Sounds like you’ve got a pretty frugal list Sydney! I thought I was frugal until I listed everything out and saw the $6,000 potential bill! Just looking at the total makes me want to buy nothing, sell every non essential thing I’ve got and be a hermit for some reason!

      No matter how hard I try, it’s difficult to get my frugal nature out of my system.

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