“I’m Rich, Bitch!” And Other Annoying Things Rich People Say And Do

Car Taking Two Parking Spots
I can take two spots because I'm rich

There are a lot of annoying things rich people say and do. Let me share one example.

I took my beloved Moose to the local sports store to get one of those foam rollers for my legs and back. If you haven't tried a foam roller, you don't know what you're missing! Anyway, for some reason, the free parking lot was packed and a number of us had to sit idle in order to wait for a space to open up.

When I finally parked Moose, I noticed something annoying. A $125,000 Fisker KARMA electric car was hogging up two spaces! A 45 year old man came out of the car, blissfully ignoring the rest of us as he headed towards the elevator.

You can could tell he didn't give a poop he took up two spaces with his overpriced car. I wonder if he would start giving a crap if he returned to a six foot long key mark? It seriously would not surprise me if this guy got carjacked one day. Hmmm, so that's how class warfare starts!

Other Annoying Things Rich People Say Or Do

Here's a list of things I've heard rich people say.

* “I'm rich, bitch!”

* “Do you know who I am?”

* “I can buy you so STFU!”

* “Your kids will work for my kids, so eat shit and die!”

* “We take care of our own and you're not one of us.”

* “I worked hard for my money and nobody else helped me!”

* “Get the f out of my way. My time is important!”

* “Just get a job already, you deadbeat loser.”

* “I'm not trying to brag, but here's how much money I make, bitch.”

* “I own you.

Don't Be A Rich A-Hole

I've gotten to know a lot of rich people in my life, and I can tell you one thing. It doesn't matter whether you are rich or poor, if you are a poor asshole, you will just turn into a rich asshole.

There is one thing that rich people cherish dearly, and that's time. The reason is that time is the one thing that CANNOT be bought. Hence, I've definitely noticed rich people are more impatient when they have to wait in line, or when their flight is delayed and so forth.

Poorer folks tend to just shrug their shoulders and make do. As a poorer person now who has to start from zero, late people don't stress me out anymore. I also love to hang out with my tennis buddies in the park and enjoy the sunshine. When I was working and making a nice chunk of change, there was no time for time.

What I've discovered on my road to financial freedom is that money just amplifies who you already are. Personally, I've found that once you have F You money, it's hard to tell others to F Off!

Spkyer KarmaAnnoying Rich People, Stop Making Others Look Bad!

The $125,000 luxury automobile taking up two parking spaces when other people are waiting is just an example of rich people making other rich people look bad. I decided to write about the situation because I am annoyed by the owner's audacity to disregard the rest of us. As a result, the cycle of conflict begins!

If you are rich, I kindly ask you stop thinking like you own everything. You might own your multi-million dollar home and your $125,000 automobile, but you do not have more rights than the rest of us on the road, in a parking lot, at a park, at the grocery store, at the airport security line, at a restaurant, and so forth.  Your arrogant ways make those who are trying to be low key look bad!

Readers, have you ever encountered an asshole rich person moment?  What was the most arrogant thing you've ever heard someone say to you or someone else?

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42 thoughts on ““I’m Rich, Bitch!” And Other Annoying Things Rich People Say And Do”

  1. This is profound, Sam! ” When I was working and making a nice chunk of change, there was no time for time.” Anyone who understand this won’t be deprived of happiness.

  2. “I make more than I know what to do with.” “I just don’t get why people don’t have money like me. You just have to try harder.” <– two more to add to the list.

    Lol, I agree, man, poor assholes turn into rich assholes. And if there was some base of respect that everyone had for everyone no matter what, we'd all be better off, but there's not. WHich sucks.

    I might not have keyed that guys car, but I really would've thought about it. If I did though, he probably wouldn't know why and so it would defeat the purpose.

  3. I usually leave a note when some jerk with a nice car does that. Somebody really should key that car.

  4. Maybe I’m the exception, but the few rich folks I know are super nice. One guy had a fancy Porsche once, but he’d park waaaaay at the end of the lot (in one spot) to avoid the dings. But he got rid of it and just rides a “regular” Lexus SUV. You’d be hard pressed to tell the other people, except their nice houses.

    It’s like Lurker says above: a$$holes come in all strata…

    1. It’s like Lurker says above: a$$holes come in all strata…

      yep, like he said they do. Talking about taking about parking places, when I was barely able to walk I got one of those disabled things you hang from your mirror. I went to the local store and had to wait until this woman who was parked in her beater sitting there puffing like crazy on her cigarette left. As I waited two girls came running out of the store and into her car. They pulled out. I was furious at the ignorance.

      Now that my legs are not perfect but I able to walk much better I never use my disabled sign. Since that happened I’ve noticed people who abuse those close parking spaces though, a lot of times the cars are not in good shape and the people are over weight, it’s pure ignorance.

      So yes, as Lurker says above: a$$holes come in all strata…

  5. charles@gettingarichlife.com

    Here in Hawaii the older people who are rich have nothing better to do than protest everything. In my neighborhood they protested a new Target store, they wanted to “keep the country country”. No new development and an influx of people. Ironic that most of these activists came from California, used their CA money and paid top dollar for the real estate. They priced all the locals out, and now don’t want anyone else to come in. Hypocrites.

    1. There definitely is a lot of California money in Hawaii huh? I’ve definitely noticed more complaints from the older owners in my condo association. They are dead set on being kings and queens of the association and think they have a larger say than they really have. Maybe it’s just inevitable as we grow older yeah?

      BTW, why Kailua?

  6. Boy, you guys are tough!! Keying the car? Dumping stuff into a convertible?

    Why not a note on the windshield, Sam?
    Or caling the cops when some idiot parks in a handicapped zone? (It’s a huge fine.) At the very least, putting a note on the windshield that says you called the cops — and if they didn’t get a ticket, lucky them. They’ll probably not be so lucky next time.

    1. Cindy, because somebody that rich doesn’t care about a fine that happens to be a few hundred dollars.

  7. Famous rich old man in Mexico who beat a valet parking because the employee didnt have the tools to change the flat on his Porsche here the security camera youtu.be/jManP6KeoD4

  8. Similar story but I once saw a Ferrari parked in the handicapped spot and the guy just went to get coffee when there were tons of spots available everywhere in the parking lot. I actually think that anyone wealthy should be more responsible than the average joe because of their perceived wealth, but that’s just me.

    He did drive a convertible and parked with the top down though so anyone offended could have done something!

  9. Let’s keep it real. Asshole middle-class and poor folks pull the same type of crap, especially after purchasing, excuse me, financing a brand new car. Asshole people fear that other inconsiderate asshole people will hit their car with buggies or doors. In this asshole rich guy’s defense, it happens. I hate it, too, but yep, we non-asshole middle class folks must be forced just to shrug ignorance and inconsiderateness off.

  10. Oh jeeze just go to Miami for a weekend. The things people do there with expensive cars…
    I saw a Maserati parked across 3 parking spots – 2 were handicapped.
    I watched a Rolls Royce go in reverse on a 1-way street for an entire city block (the wrong way, obviously).
    I’ve been cut off by a Knight – if you’ve never seen these, they dwarf full size hummers and back then ran about $250K.
    And it wasn’t really an a**hole move, but I also saw a Lambourghini on fire – the car belonged to Hulk Hogan though he wasn’t the driver that day.
    I love Miami car stories.

    1. Hmmm… Miami does NOT sound like a place I want to be then! Those are crazy stories!

      I best rent a black Lamborghini next time I’m there, with bullet proof windows…….

  11. I agree with Tom. I am more into embarrassing people straight. I do wish though that the picture was clearer as it shows his license plate. Usually people like this have novelty personal plates that say things like “pwrful” or “bigshot”. At least this rich guy is environmentally conscious with his Auto. I’m sure that’s why. You never know though, sometimes people who drive cars like this are keeping up with the jones’. Sometimes they are mortgaged to the teeth. Maybe he parks it outside his trailer!. You can never really tell. How much money would you need to earn in order to feel okay about driving a car this expensive? For me, $125K car = $1.75M per year. That about keeps the same ratio as my current auto to annual salary.

  12. Although $250,000 for a couple is kinda “middle class” for places like NYC and SF, Mitt is dumb for saying it. Sorry about your break up. I tried commenting on my phone but it wouldn’t let me.

    Just think of all the hot PF dudes you met at Fincon!!

  13. I remember when they used to refer to that attitude as “Cadillac” attitude. The kid of driver to hogs the road and so self centered that he/she does not care about anyone but him/herself. I think there are rich and poor idiots, jerks etc. I see it in my classroom full of so called low socioeconomic kids. We target the rich because they are the “enemy” of the day.

  14. MB @ 12 Year Career

    If he was slightly less over the line, I would’ve squeezed my POS 2000 Honda Civic complete with cracked windshield in right next to him. Haha, that would teach him to annoy the commoners!

    1. I would have squeezed Moose in FOR SURE, but he went too far over the line for Moose to fit. Best thing about owning an old car is that you can slam open doors and bash the crap out of everything in site and nothing matters.

      1. Yeah, Agree with you………I sure do miss my 15 year old Honda Accord. And I’ve done it
        before – someone takes up 2 spaces, I’d park REALLY close on their driver’s side
        (or passenger, whichever worked) and climb out the other side if I needed to – OVER my stick
        shift. People are really just inconsiderate a$$holes any more – see all those people
        walking around looking at those little square things – they don’t give a rats ass what’s
        going on around them – they just stop wherever the hell they please to read a “very important”
        text. Next person to do this in front of me inside the doors of Target I’m gonna mow
        down with my shopping cart and scream, “GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY!”
        OK – sorry, but I’ve had it with self-centered idiots! Parking, cell phones, etc. Doesn’t matter –
        they just don’t give a crap about anyone but themselves! And I’m sick and tired of them!
        The End.

  15. I was a poor bicycle racer spending the winter in Palm Springs (living in a semi-covered back porch!)…I was at the local mall checking out the locals when my teammate nodded over to a car parked in a handicap spot. “See that car without handicap plates parked in the handicap spot?” he asked. I, knowing nothing about cars, I said I thought it looked like an expensive car. “Aston Martin Vanquish…4 or 5 hundred k”.

    I realized at that point that I was no longer in Northern Ontario and I was going to have to get used to rich a-holes. I learned a lot of lessons that winter.

  16. I’m not down with any type of vandalism, but I am very much into surprising embarrassment.

    My favorite thing to do is to look down under the car as the guy is leaving and yell out “hey man, come check this out under your car… look! the parking stripes moved under your car! That’s crazy, did you see them do it? I should probably take a picture of these crazy lines!”

    Normally they are so surprised at how you called them out they get embarrassed and move the car. By normally I mean the 2x it’s happened.

    1. Ha! Sounds like it takes a lot of effort, but perhaps I should try it one day. Or maybe I can ring like 10 beefy dudes around the car and just chill for him to get back and say “What’s up?”

    2. That sounds similar to when I walked over and threw a small bag of trash into a person’s car who was smoking and they decided to flick it outside the window.

      When he asked, I simply stated that he was littering the public roads, and worse I had to smell the stench of his cigarette after he pulled away. So I’m returning the favor by littering his car instead of the public roads.

      I think I caught him by surprise because he just sat their dumb-founded. :-)

      1. Wow, gutsy and nice! I wake up to random cigarette buds at least a couple times a week in front of my house. I once caught my neighbor 3 doors down smoking in front of my house. I was like WTF, why not just smoke in front of your house and litter?

        1. I’m sure either the garage owner or the city would love to get some parking ticket revenue. See how their rich butt struts around when they have to call someone for a ride!

  17. Robert @ The College Investor

    You should of keyed his car. It makes you a job maker. By keying it, he would need to get it repaired, which keeps the body shop staff employed. Plus, he can afford it!

  18. This happened to me the other day. Two trucks (I can’t think of the names of them but they are worth around $70,000) parked right next to each other and EACH took 2 spots.

  19. not sure of the point of this post…assholes come in every tax bracket.
    I try to avoid them.

  20. I totally have experienced this. One person won’t let my parents neighborhood dredge their canal because they don’t want boats going by their house… they live by the water on a canal! That should be EXPECTED!

    1. That’s nuts, do they own that portion of the canal? I’d find an environmental reason and take them to court.

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