I’m Going To Kick My Own Ass To Get Richer

Want to get rich? You may want to kick your own ass.

Are you afraid of hard work? I'm not. You can lock me in a room, tell me to demolish it down to the studs and build it back up again. 

I'll do it even if there's only a sliver of hope of something good waiting at the end. As many of you may or may not know, Yakezie.com will launch this Monday, August 16th.  A tremendous amount of hours have been spent formulating the game plan, working with Chris the web guru to implement features, and create content.

Everything always seems so calm on the outside, but behind the scenes there is nonstop debugging, planning, and trial and error.  Major respect to anybody who has ever tried to start any collaborative project!  Our Google Groups is alive with discussion, and the ideas are endless. 

Execution Is Key

Yet, ideas are useless without implementation.  I often wonder how on earth we're supposed to coordinate the talents and ideas of so many.  I'm worried that great ideas will fall by the wayside because we're too focused on narrow objectives.  As a result, we're going to do our best to capture them all.

With the August 16 deadline, I feel like I'm back in school, working on a project that will determine my final course grade.  Yet in reality, there's simply no fear of failure except for the fear of not doing. 

What a pity it would be to never launch Yakezie.com with so many diverse and passionate members, each of whom have something special to offer.  After all, the Yakezie.com is not for me, but for all the members who participated in the challenge, as well as all the potential new readers out there who are looking for unique insights.

Keep Fighting – Kick My Own Ass

Weekends are meant for relaxation, but not this weekend.  It's crunch time and I'm going to kick my ass to ensure that everything goes according to plan. See y'all over at Yakezie.com this Monday!

Readers, for those of you who run multiple sites any tips on how to manage?

For those who only have one site, have you ever thought of starting another site and implement what you've learned from your first site?

When was the last time you kicked your own ass at something? Haiiiii yah! Time to kick my own ass! It's 2021 and I've still got 500 posts to update! Kick my own ass is right.

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45 thoughts on “I’m Going To Kick My Own Ass To Get Richer”

  1. As far as posting for the blogs goes, I would suggest making a to-do list with specific time allotments for each blog, and a topic you want to write on in that time.
    Good luck with the new site.

  2. Yes, I can totally relate. I have had a similar problem. Sometimes it seems like there are not enough hours in the day to complete everything that you need to get done. I recently started a 2nd site and have not had enough time to devote to it.

  3. Debt Vigilante

    I just saw the new site – Looks great, I love the concept. I look forward to taking part in Yakezie. Keep it up man – looks like busting you own ass paid off.

  4. The Yakezie.com looks great, Sam! Awesome design, modern and sleek! I look forward to contributing in anyway I can.

    PS: I am spam on the new site too :( My comment didn’t look like it went into moderation, instead straight into spam. Can you release me from there?

  5. I’m really looking forward to the new site! It’s pretty exciting that you are launching something like that. I run a couple blogs but nothing as huge that takes up so much time or effort.

  6. I only keep one site, and I occasionally have a time keeping it as up to date as I want it, but I’m keeping busy otherwise because I have 2 jobs and that keeps me plenty busy, and I also try to stay active around the community as well.
    As far as yakezie, it’s looking great, and I’m really exited to see the debut tomorrow, and will hopefully get going on my introduction post sometime soon.
    As far as the hard work thing, I completely agree with you. I never say “no” to anything that I think I can see a small gain from, either for myself or for someone else if I think I’ve got the ability/time. It’s always been worth it in the end.

  7. myfinancialobjectives

    First of all, the logo you have at yakezie.com currently is awesome – very modern! I ALMOST started a second site. I was down to 1-2 domain names and I was about to decide and buy one… Fortunetly, I decided to hold off. Since making that decision to hold off, I’ve become much more busy, with much less time to devote to just my one website.

    I’s really looking forward to your site! It’s going to be a HUGE success, I already know it!

    1. Thnx mate. I have a little paragraph on more about the meaning of the logo in tomorrows Yakezie.com launch post.

      I have to admit I believe it will be hard to maintain two sites while working full-time. But, I will try my very best. I’ve been compelled to start Yakezie.com b/c of all of you, and I know we aren’t going to let each other down!

  8. Looking forward to it!
    Thanks for giving us this forum, and I look forward to contributing!
    Keep busting your butt-everything pays off in the long run.

  9. Thanks Jeremy! I really like the idea of NOT following a scheduling and writing/updating only when inspired.

    I have a lot of things in my mind for Financial Samurai and don’t really follow a fixed schedule, but a loose one of 2-4 posts a week. I could write 7 a week no problem, but then this site would take over my life which would be unhealthy!

    For Yakezie.com, it’s important to have a stricter schedule because there will be contribution from multiple people. Organization has to be there otherwise things go crazy. But, we’re definitely going to launch the crazy portion of the site, you will see!

    You are lucky to have great programming/coding skills! I’d love to hear your personal story on the site once it’s up.

  10. You have done an AMAZING job with this project. And with so many ideas and people, there is no way to implement everything. One thing at at time!

    The fact that this brain child is coming to life is a feat in itself. You should be immensely proud.

    1. Gracias Mysti! I do feel like we’re trying to launch a steel bird into the sky. Looking forward to your participation! And btw, I’ll try opening up another browser and seeing if I can comment on your site. Donno why Firefox/Mac is not letting me. Cya manana!

  11. Kevin@InvestItWisely

    Hey Sam,

    I currently run two blogs, but one blog is more of a personal travel blog and has been neglected over the past few months, mainly because I haven’t travelled much, but also because it was never a highly involved blog like my current blog.

    I have learned a lot running my current blog, and as time goes on, I have become a bit more efficient. In order to effectively run multiple blogs, I think it would take a bit of planning, as the others above me have mentioned.

    Thanks for all of the great effort, Sam, and I’m looking forward to the launch!

  12. I’m pumped about the launch tomorrow!

    Running 2 main sites along with my regular job was a bit much for me. I now run multiple sites, but the other sites are updated as much (they don’t need to be). I think I’ve finally found a rhythm that works most of the time. My tip is having an editorial calendar for all your sites.

  13. Bucksome Boomer

    I’m really excited about this next phase of Yakezie. It’ll take us to new heights. In the meantime, I’ve calendared my intro to be written this week.

    P.S. I know nothing about running more than one site; I have a second domain but don’t have the time yet to do anything with it (it’s on weight loss).

  14. Awesome – best of luck with the upcoming launch! That’s so exciting. I can’t imagine how much work must be involved. I’m so clueless when it comes to all the complexities of building a website. Can’t wait to check it out.

  15. Money Reasons

    I echo what Everyday Tips said! I’ve come much further with the support of the Yakezie group!

    Heck, I don’t think I would even be twittering yet if it wasn’t for your suggestion to try it out! :)

    As for blogs, I eventually want to have two, but for now, one is good.

    Here’s to the launch of http://www.Yakezie.com!!!

    1. Don-san, good stuff! Twitter is fun and gets addicting after a while. I’m amazed at some with gagillions of followers. I’m also curious as to how they have so many, yet their blog traffic is so low. Would be good to master both!

      See ya Monday!

  16. Sam, thank you so much for all the effort you have put into the Yakezie. So many of us have really benefited, and you have obviously spent so much time on it.

    I started with 2 blogs, but dropped one after a couple months just because I think I bit off more than I could chew.

    My entire previous career of computer programming was an ass-kicking, start to finish.

  17. @Beating Broke
    Good to know about the forums.digitalpoint.com website. I’ll go check it out.

    I’m actually just running this site for fun as there are much better, quicker, easier ways to make money. If someone wants to offer me 100 months revenue for this site…. we can talk. But otherwise, it’s all good.

  18. The key to running multiple site is to know what needs to be done daily so you get them done. None of the “I’ll just work on it as much as I could, whenever I could” nonsense that actually works tremendously well with just one site because you are passionate about growing it.

    This is the first time I heard about Yakezie.com, and I am curious to see what you have in store :)

    1. OK, so organization is key. Sounds good. We’ve got a schedule up for the next 2 months as we sprinkle in new ideas intermittently.

      Glad you’ve finally heard of the Yakezie! Maybe you’ll join our cause one day after the site is launched and you can learn more about what we plan to do.

      How many sites do you run David?

      You can read more about the initial Yakezie post here:


      1. Ahh Alexa rankings. I’m still not quite seeing how that turns into a site yet but I’m sure interesting ideas are about to be revealed! Best of luck with this!

        I primarily just run one with all the others just being a afterthought. They were more like “maybe one day” type sites.

        I started being more serious in another site but nothing much have materialize yet so in essense, I’m running 2.

  19. It’s funny. I’ve been playing around with the idea of starting some kind of For the love of bicycles site. However, I don’t really know if I’d have time. Now I’m juggling writing for my own blog, Wise Bread, and now the up-coming Yakezie. I feel confident in managing my time, but on the busiest of days, I have to write out my schedule hour-by-hour. I did see the sign up page for the introductions. I think that is going in the right direction. Good luck this weekend! Let us know if we can do anything to help for the Monday launch!

    1. Thnx Jennifer! Any and all support is appreciated. It’s always just tough getting things off the ground. Like a big jumbo 747 airplane trying to take off. But once it’s off, flight is easy!

      Pressure is really what we make of it. I want to give myself a lot of pressure so I don’t cock things up in the beginning.

  20. Awesome, I’m pumped for the launched and proud to be part of the group. The Yakezie group has helped me quite bit. To your questions:

    Readers, for those of you who run multiple sites any tips on how to manage?

    For those who only have one site, have you ever thought of starting another site and implement what you’ve learned from your first site? ==> I run a few sites. I did this initially out of necessity since the Blogger platform stunk and I’m glad I did since Google wiped out my blog. Now I run a main personal finance blog and then a separate blog solely dedicated to ETFs – etfbase.com . I found splitting these out to be helpful so readers could pick their niche (or follow both) without guessing what sort of content I’d be posted each day.

    When was the last time you kicked your own ass at something? Haiiiii yah! <=== All the time – getting our house ready for sale in record time, work projects, starting up a new blog on WordPress when I knew nothing about the platform, etc. So much more efficient at crunch time!

    Go Yakezie!

    1. Yeah, Blogger platform is pretty hard to scale. I played around with it for several months myself before I switched.

      When it’s do or die, it’s so much easier to do! Look forward to your participation at Yakezie.com and your Member Post!

  21. Beating Broke is (by count) the sixth or so blog that I’ve started. I don’t think I’ve ever run more than three at a time, though. The biggest thing (one I struggle with) is to create a schedule of the work you are going to do. It certainly isn’t easy, but is very doable, and with all the help you’ll have from us Yakezie folks, I’m sure it’s gonna work out just fine.

    1. Appreciate your support mate! There’s a lot of coordination that needs to happen. The one thing I want to do is make sure there’s no failure due to a lack of effort.

      6th blog, impressive! Do you still own the domain names? Was there a consistent them that kept reoccuring which caused you to not work on them again? Scheduling is tough.

      1. of those 6, I’ve sold off 2 of them. 2 of them are still active (beatingbroke.com and thatedeguy.com) and the others are semi-dormant.

        The thing that kept reoccurring is loss of interest. I lost interest in the topic, or the site and decided to get rid of it, or just quit posting to it. The ones I still own that are dormant, were’nt really saleable, so I kept them. They get an odd adsense click here and there, and usually pay for the domain renewal each year.

        1. Ah, very interesting! Did you find a buyer out of the blue? And, are the selling multiples similar to what The Financial Blogger was talking about in his guest post here on his Blogging Business (12-24 months of revenue)?

          I think a couple things happen for loss of interest and burn out… posting too much and perhaps having two many blogs? I try not to post more than 3X a week b/c frankly i like to comments that ensue, and I like to visit other blogs.

          I do worry that by starting another site may accelerate the burnout. But frankly, Yakezie.com is really for all the members, and not for me. I won’t to be a fan of all of you!

        2. In both cases, I listed the sites for sale at forums.digitalpoint.com

          in the case of the first sale, the price was in the 12 month multiple range. The last one that I did, the multiple was much higher on current income, but based on past income, it could go much higher and the buyer paid on that potential.

          Of course, the more blogs you have, the thinner your time is spread. I think that the amount of work you do on any of them depends upon how much time you make overall. I also think that your overall goal makes a difference too. If it’s just a hobby, it’s easy to get burned out when you think that it’s taking up too much of your time.

          As for Yakezie.com, I think we’ve got a pretty great team building up, so you probably don’t have to worry too much about it taking away from your other interests.

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