Kinry Associates Rating: Worst Property Management Company

Kinry Associates, located at 2000 Van Ness avenue is the absolute worst property manager in San Francisco. Do not work with them. They are unresponsive, have a terrible attitude, rude, and have questionable deals with their contractors.

I have been a landlord in San Francisco since 2005, and have lived in San Francisco since 2001, and I've never dealt with a property management company who is as unresponsive and rude as Kinry & Associates.

Don't believe me? Look at the following Yelp reviews about Kinry & Associates all within the past three years.

Here are some Kinry Associates reviews from Yelp:

“Not responsive over e-mail for anything. Won't help if you have a problem. “In the pockets” of certain homeowners. Keeps deposits owed without returning them. VERY SHADY operation.” – Jacob J.

“Zero improvement since my last review. Things are even worse. I'd give zero stars if I could. They suck at communicating and never follow up. It's ridiculous our hoa hasn't fired them yet. Do not hire this company. They provide negative value.

Kinry is very unresponsive, which is very frustrating when you are paying them to manage your property. I also wish they would treat all tenants equally. I do not recommen hiring Kinry as a property manager.” – Jenn J.

“This company can't handle things properly or legally, don't entrust them with your properties, they will make you get into lawsuits & lose a lot of money and possibly your property.  I'd have better odds with throwing my bet into a slot machine.  I can't understand any positive reviews they have here even happen.

More Bad Reviews About Kinry Associates

If my Kinry rating isn't enough to convince you, check out these other bad reviews.

“Plenty of better companies out there, don't come here. I've dealt with them for a long period of time now, and it's only been poor experiences from the get go.  I have never said this on any of my many reviews, but I would give them zero stars if I could.  Don't give them your business if you want proper property management.  EPIC FAIL.” – Julia L

“Kinry forgets who their paying clients are. Their approach centers on animosity vs. really contributing to property owners. They are very heavy handed with virtually no people skills. Kinry Associates also strut and make demands that fits them. They come first.” – Ken S.

“Not impressed with this company one bit. They managed the property I used to live at back in 2012 and it took forever for certain things to be addressed. Email didn't work. Phone calls didn't work. At one point some of us were ready to march straight down to the office and demand service.

Kinry Associates Is Not Responsive

It was evident that because the building was “not a priority financially” (as that smart mouth person told my neighbor over the phone) and it is a much smaller building they manage they feel like they can do whatever the hell they want.

Typical greed…and judging by the other reviews it is evident that you should run if you hear this joke of a company manages your building. Thankfully I am no longer at that building but I feel that this review would do others justice and prepare people to play an epic game of email or phone tag with no tag backs.” – Khatia R

“We are using Kinry and Associates currently.  Couldn't be more disappointed with their service and lack of follow through.  Would highly recommend using another property management company.  They do many unethical things and everyone they outsource to work projects at the building are really bad and unprofessional. Same shady accounting as well.  Our building would all agree it was a horrible experience on so many levels.” – John W

Kinry Associates Is Terrible

Do not use them. They are the worst property manager in San Francisco. They will make your life hell and do the exact opposite of what you want to hire a property manager for.

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