Level Down For A Better Life: Be Rich By Being Average

Do you find yourself always wishing you had more? Instead of constantly thinking about what you don't have, try focusing on what you do have. You really don't need a lot to be happy and live a better life. You can be rich by being average. So much is in your mindset.

For example, do you know what's amazing? Peace and quiet.

Imagine a restaurant or store owner shutting down their entire venue from the public just for you and your guests because you're a celebrity. That sure would be nice to have the whole place to yourself. But then again, being a celebrity has to be the worst 99% of the other time.

It must be nice to comfortably afford to buy your surrounding rows in first class and leave them empty just so you can get more privacy. Even better is being so rich that spending $10,000 an hour to fly private is no big thing.

Going Off-Peak Makes For A Better Life

I'm neither famous nor rich enough to do any of those things. But, I am average enough to find a work around the system for my family. It's helped make for a better life, less stress, and more happiness. See Exhibit A:

Enjoying the entire California Academy of Science to the toddler's self

Every Tuesday morning between 8:30am – 9:30am, my family gets the entire California Academy of Arts & Sciences essentially to ourselves. It's a 400,000 square foot compound consisting of a rainforest, aquarium, museum, and children's play center. How? Because everybody else is at work and the time slot is for members only.

The cost of the family membership for three is only $120 a year compared to $80 for two adults and $30 for one child each visit. We have gone over 50 times in the past six months alone for a $5,000+ savings. Not bad. Exhibit B:

Joy of being a toddler

When you're a parent to a toddler still learning how to walk, not worrying about big humans bowling him over is comforting. And when you're a toddler who is amazed at anything and everything new, I've got to imagine from all his squeals of joy that he'd rather be at the science museum than at home.

Level Down For A Better Life

You can either level up and try to be super rich and famous to get special treatment. Or you can forsake the never ending chase for more money and prestige to get similar treatment. Although choosing the latter might not massage the ego, you'll have your freedom, which is way more valuable.

Do something different this week, like get into work at 7am in order to leave by 4pm to avoid rush hour traffic. Or maybe get some lunch at 1:30pm instead of fight with every bozo that is willing to queue up at 12noon for a rubber chicken sandwich. Or maybe this week you'll finally start your own website in order to build your brand and your business.

Taking small steps now will help you make giant leaps later on.

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