Ouch! Sam Bradford & New College Academic Polls

How's it going everybody! Sam Bradford is no longer in the NFL. This is an old post I'm updating 12 years later.

1) Sam Bradford of Oklahoma got injured and his then #3 Oklahoma Sooner's LOST to BYU (#20).  What does this mean?  He may never play up to his potential again, thereby losing $20,000,000 in guaranteed money by not going to the NFL last year.  Perhaps just as painful, Oklahoma will not be considered to play in the national championships again this year.

Oh well, that's life.  Who needs the money anyway when you can have so much fun in college and get your degree?  However, all you prospective pro athletes, please feel free to shoot us an e-mail for advice.  We'll look out for you, even if the Sooner faithful won't look out for Sam by telling him to stay!

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2) The September/October issue of Washington Monthly come out with a new type of college ranking.  I thought it was intriguing because they basically bash US News & World Report's methodology, due to the blatant cheating by some faculty at Clemson and University of Florida to manipulate the results.

Washington Monthly's believes that “America's colleges are those that work hardest to help economically disadvantaged students earn the credentials that the job market demands.  They contribute new scientific discoveries, and they emphasize the obligations students have to serve their communities and the nation at large.” Hence, they offer three broad rating categories: Social Mobility, Research, and Service.

The 10 Best Universities in America

1. UC Berkeley (#21 in US News)

2. UC San diego (35)

3. UC Los Angeles (25)

4. Stanford University (4)

5. Texas A&M College Station (64)

6. South Carolina State University (NR)

7. Penn State (470

8. The College of William & Mary (32)

9. University of Texas – Austin (47)

10. UC Davis (44)

Several observations: 1) California schools dominate.  2) There's only one private school in the Top 10.  3) The traditionally perceived elite schools are not there except for Stanford.  Is spending $50,000/year to go to private school in the east coast worth it?  Hard to say after reading the report!

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Hope everybody is having a great weekend!  Upcoming posts will be about Net Worth, The Right Sports, and How Everything Is Relative.

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7 thoughts on “Ouch! Sam Bradford & New College Academic Polls”

  1. Asian-American Man

    I know this is an old article I’m commenting on but I have to say these rankings are a complete joke. FS, I know how you feel about the West Coast vs. the East Coast but I sure hope you aren’t taking these “findings” seriously. After all, when it comes to college doesn’t it all depend on what you want to do, how hard you work, who you meet, and where you want to work. UCal schools outside of Berkeley, UCLA, and USC barely get any recognition outside California besides being thought of as party/beach schools (regardless of how true those perceptions are). As for schools like South Carolina State, Texas A&M, and Penn State making the top 10… I have to say to however came up the list, n#gga please. Nothing against those schools personally, but I’m really curious as how they ranked so high. FYI, one of my roommates used to get Washingtonian Magazine when I lived in DC, and trust me, it’s really nothing more than a local tabloid rag with glossy pages.

  2. UC San Diego is such a great school for science. However, I may be exceptionally biased since that is where I got my Ph.D. =D

  3. Resort At Squaw

    Good to see Cal at #1! Well deserved! US News is a good benchmark, but shouldn’t be the only benchmark.

  4. Geez California schools DO dominate that list. Where’s the University of Minnesota? :P

    Yes I totally agree that Sam should have gone pro. He took an unnecessary and ultimately costly risk by not going pro. There are plenty of teams that need more depth at Quarterback, especially in need of a young possibly outstanding player.

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