The Best Of Financial Samurai eBook: Invest In Your Future And Give Back!

The Best Of Financial Samurai eBookNote: All proceeds after expenses goes to a charity focused on keeping kids off the streets and in the classrooms. Thanks for your support!

After six years of writing over 1,000 personal finance articles, I've compiled 35 of the best Financial Samurai articles into one eBook to help you achieve financial independence sooner, rather than later. Financial Samurai is one of the largest personal finance sites with roughly one million organic pageviews a month. I write from experience as someone who received his MBA from UC Berkeley, spent 13 years in the financial world as an Executive Director at a couple major investment banks, and retired from Corporate America at the age of 34 with a very healthy financial nut to focus on living life on my own terms.

For some reason, there is a dearth of personal finance education in our school system. Yet, what is more important than securing our financial future? The goal of the book is to empower you with the knowledge to make better financial decisions. I've learned from my money mistakes (e.g. 401k, job, real estate mistakes) to help you avoid the same land mines. Money can be intimidating, but it shouldn't be so complicated as to cause paralysis.

For long-time readers, the book acts as a terrific reference guide to review some of the most important personal finance topics in one place. You can even purchase the book for a friend or loved one as a gift. For new readers, The Best Of Financial Samurai will teach you new financial concepts and new ways of thinking to solidify your financial future. Many of the articles have been featured in major publications such as The LA Times, Kiplinger, The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, and more.

What's Included In BOFS

The Best Of Financial Samurai is 69,000+ words long, over 180 pages, and only costs $9.88. The book is easy to read, well organized, and includes informational tables, graphs, and charts that help you simplify complex financial material. My editor and I spent the past six months optimizing the book to provide the best user experience possible. We've stamped out boring financial material to keep things interesting so you can retain as much knowledge as possible.

You can read BOFS on your mobile phone or on your home computer. You can easily access public discussions on each post to learn counter viewpoints as there are plenty of intra-links. There's even a resources section in the back to help you take action to save money and grow your net worth. By the time you get done reading, I'm sure you'll be miles ahead of the average person.

Each article is meticulously crafted along six main categories:

  • Budgeting & Saving
  • Career, Employment, & Education
  • Investing
  • Real Estate
  • Taxes
  • Retirement

Examples of some of the questions and topics that are covered in The Best Of Financial Samurai eBook include:

Should I pay down my mortgage early or invest?

How much should I spend on buying a car?

Is it worth the money and time getting an MBA?

When is the best time to buy property?

How much should I have accumulated in my savings by age?

How can I pay less taxes for the rest of my life?


In addition to helping you gain financial freedom, the other goal of putting this book together is to create a perpetual giving machine to help the less fortunate. I feel blessed to have so much opportunity that it's only right to give back to those who may not have the same chances. No other country in the world provides a playing field where there is so much correlation with effort.

I've already created a steady passive income stream with my 100-page book on how to negotiate a severance from a job you no longer want. Instead of creating another passive income stream for myself, I thought, why not spend some time and money creating a passive income stream to help other people!

Feel great knowing that not only will you gain a tremendous amount of financial knowledge from buying The Best Of Financial Samurai, 100% of each sale after expenses will be donated to a charity that focuses on educating our youth (originally, I was only planning on donating 10%). Education is absolutely the key to building a better world. Let's be a part of something good!

Every six months we can vote on one of four charities to donate the proceeds to. The current charity I have selected is Alive & Free, an Oakland based charity that helps keep urban kids off the streets so they can graduate from high school and go to college. If you have any other youth oriented charities focused on education, feel free to suggest!


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Building wealth takes action. Don't depend on anybody else to take care of you. Depend on yourself! Once you are armed with knowledge, everything becomes that much easier. Thanks for purchasing and letting folks know about the book who need financial guidance. May you achieve all your financial goals!




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22 thoughts on “The Best Of Financial Samurai eBook: Invest In Your Future And Give Back!”

  1. HappyBeingMe

    I have been reading your blog for many years now.
    I find your articles very educational and very entertaining at the same time.
    Please keep on writing!
    I purchased your Ebook for my 13 years old niece.
    She is also into writing: science fiction stuff.
    I would like to help her to create her first Ebook. But I dont
    know where to start. Could you please give me some info on
    how to create an Ebook? thank you in advance for helping me.

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  3. Awesome job with this! What an accomplishment to have an ebook of your best articles. I wish I had your talents. You are quite the remarkable writer and I’ve really enjoyed following along your blog. Great idea on using the proceeds to help educational programs. Love it!

  4. Thanks for the invaluable information. Purchased book!
    Having trouble subscribing to private newsletter. Tells me ‘the web page does not exist’
    I see I can do this below.
    Thanks again

  5. Good work Sam. Purchase made.

    Very very awesome of you to donate the proceeds completely to charity. You, sir, are a legend!

    Found your site about a year ago and it set me off in the path to sorting out saving for FI.

    Education is the way forward. People are much more receptive when the material hasn’t been produced by a financial service company. I guess it feels less of a sales pitch for their products.

    When it boils down to it you can make PF as simple or as complex as you like, but the market itself tends to be complex. So many seem to give up and play the lottery.

    Looking forward to reading it.

    Mr Z

    1. Thanks for purchasing and spreading the word Mr. Z! The book is almost like crowdsourcing funds to help others. We can vote on where the money should go every quarter or six months too.

  6. I’ll be sure to check this out, you’ve been adding value with interesting/educational value for a while now so definitely happy to give back!

    Will you be having reviews on Amazon? Happy to give a review and hopefully help you grow even more!

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  8. Was this in response to the comment from the post Level The Playing Field?

    “Do you, or have you, considered volunteering in poorer communities to teach basic personal finance? With your experience, and ability to communicate well, I think you would be an excellent financial mentor to someone who needs help. The more financially literate people out there, the less burden there will be to the taxpayer; IMO.”

    See more at:

    I am glad you took the bait!

    Personally, I have changed due to reading your blog. I have bought real estate, pulled my investments from a high fee advisor, started a budget, read a lot of comments from defensive trust funders (HA!), but I still don’t have the education or a mentor to follow through. I do want to move though – “I’ve Seen The Future And It Looks So Bright.”

    Early Retired seems to have a wealth of knowledge and has been asked for advice. But mostly the self supporting, upper middle class earners (not the wealthy, who require no income or minimal income and have lots of cash, opportunity, and advantage) are left with advertisements and bad advice.

    There is an enormous need for honest advice. We can join personal capital, move our funds to vanguard, budget, and work more hours, but some of us need guidance.

    There is a HUGE divide between those who come from money and those who don’t. Not only don’t we have money, but we also don’t have mentors.

    I look forward to reading your book!

    1. Always take action right? Otherwise, what’s the point?

      Having a great mentor, or parents who really invest in their children’s education really helps.

      Thanks for your support!

  9. Thanks for spending time to create this book and donate the proceeds to charity! Awesome work!! I’ve purchased a copy for my son :)

  10. I am very interested in your book and appreciate you sharing your knowledge, and your generosity, it goes a long way.

    I am trying to get my finances in line in order to be free of the work place and do some traveling. I am getting close although I need a passive income stream that I can do from anywhere in the world. I read a blog you did years ago about the profitable online store, I was wondering if it was a viable option, and if no, do you have any ideas? I have been brainstorming for a while and have not came up with anything.

    I just don’t want to buy a course to find out it is not right for me. I have done a lot of research and to me it seems that the people making the money are selling the how to, not actually doing it themselves.

    Thanks for you input!

    1. Hi Jeremy,

      Thanks for your support! If you are nearing retirement, I wouldn’t bother with trying to start a profitable online store. I’d focus on liquidity and dividends instead, along with figuring out when to take Social Security.

      That said, I do believe building products is the #1 passive income source around. The Best Of Financial Samurai is a product example, but it’s taken 6 years of effort to be able to create such a product, so the time to market is very slow.

      Please read:

      Ranking The Best Passive Income Streams
      Social Security Will Make Us All Millionaires In Retirement


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  12. Adam @

    Awesome, another revenue stream and a great way for a new reader to get caught up to speed. Putting out that level of material is pretty unreal.

    1. Adam, instead of building another revenue stream for myself, I thought it’d be better to build another revenue stream for someone else. I’ve always wondered what more I could do besides just donate money to a cause. Putting some time and effort feels much more rewarding than just putting with dollars.

      By combining time, effort, money, and financial education, hopefully The Best Of Financial Samurai can consistently support some charities over time!

      I plan to update the book every couple of years with new articles too.

  13. Bought. Good cause, product, and value; something everyone who enjoys FS can support. Thank you for doing this, Sam.

    1. Right on! Thanks for the support. It took a while to figure out which articles to include. But I think I’ve pinned down 35 of the ones which I think are most helpful to readers.

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