The Best Place On Earth To Raise A Family

Hawaii is the best place on Earth!

Are you wondering where is the best place on Earth to raise a family? As a father of two young children who retired early, I've been looking around everywhere.

I’ve discovered a lot of young guns living mobile lifestyles in Bangkok, Playa Del Carmen, Costa Rica, and other exotic sounding places. If you don’t plan to have a family and anticipate working for a long time since you probably aren't making and saving much for retirement, these places are great because they are relatively cheap.

I’ve been to all of them, and although nice, they are just a little too removed from friends and family to make living there a long-term solution.

Hawaii, on the other hand, is clearly head over heels the best place for an online entrepreneur to live! I truly believe the best place on Earth to raise a family is in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Hawaii Is the Best Place On Earth To Raise A Family

That’s right, if we’re talking about living a mobile entrepreneurial lifestyle, Hawaii is even better than my beloved San Francisco. San Francisco is great because of the countless high-paying jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities.  The weather is comfortable, there's lots of good outdoor activities close by, and the infrastructure is solid. 

If you have a good resume with contagious enthusiasm and a strong work ethic, you’ll get hired in a heartbeat for $100,000 or much more. Don’t believe me? Ask any mid-to-late 20 year old who works at Google, Facebook Zynga, Youtube, Twitter, Apple, Yahoo, consulting, banking, and so forth how much they make, and they’ll say plenty.

But, what if you’re in your 30s and 40s, and have already accumulated a nice small fortune working for one of these companies and want to take it down a notch? You can stay in California, where the sun shines brightly and the ocean breeze lifts your spirits.

Unfortunately, you’ll probably get taxed to death since the state is in such a budget crunch. We’re talking 10% state tax, 10% sales tax, XYZ small business taxes and so forth in California. Honestly, Hawaii is not that much better given state income taxes is 8.25%, but at least sales tax is 4.8% and they don’t tax defined benefits plans. 

What's better is that housing is much cheaper, and all the good stuff is plentiful and free. Last I checked, you never have to pay to lie on the beach and ride any waves!

In a 1,600 word post on Untemplater entitled “The Best Place For An Online Entrepreneur To Live And Work“, I share with readers how my recent 9 day experience was like, pretending to be an online entrepreneur living in Honolulu.

I definitely can see myself establishing roots in Hawaii and living there for 6 months of the year, while living in my place in Lake Tahoe for 3 months during the winter, and traveling the rest of the world for the remainder.  It’s my goal to get to that point by Feb 18, 2018. 

With the chronicling of my time in Hawaii on Untemplater, I’ve made the first step to see if it’s possible to make it happen. Let’s see if I can get there! Retiring in Hawaii is our ultimate goal.


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29 thoughts on “The Best Place On Earth To Raise A Family”

  1. I have never been to Hawaii, but it is somewhere I would love to go someday. I handle jet lag terribly, so I need enough time and money where I could stay there for a few weeks. Then I would probably never want to leave.

    Am very curious what Feburary 18th signifies, but as you said, we will have to wait to find that out. My only goal I have in writing is to have my house paid off by Sept 1 2017, but I believe I will easily beat that date.

    I often think of spending my days writing from a distant location. Now is not the time in my life to do that, but I think it will someday.

    1. Just imagine writing off the beach, overlooking the sunset with a MaiTai. It’s awesome! I guarantee you (or your money back) that anywhere in Hawaii is better than Detroit!

      I hope we are all alive in 2018! Perhaps ill reveal sooner. Whoo hoo!

  2. Well-written post Sam. And I think you’re right about Hawaii.

    One of the things I really like about it is how low-key it is. Get out of the big cities, and it’s a bit like going back in time. The camping there is probably cheaper than it is anywhere in the U.S. I’ve traveled prolifically throughout the U.S. and found that Hawaiin campsites are some of the most beautiful, and the cheapest.

    As for setting up a business there, I can’t comment on that. But I think it would be a great place to tinker with minor income streams (rather than working full-time) giving me a chance to do the Ironman at some stage in my life or take up the guitar and some more writing (maybe all three!)

  3. I’m not sure what my “best place” will end up being. Never been to Hawaii, but would like to get there someday. My plan is two fold, start traveling to more places to get a feel of what I want in an eventual “retirement” spot. I use the quotes, though, because I don’t think I will ever truly retire. That’s the other half of my plan. Make my “work” portable. Then, and only then, can I find that office looking over a sunny sky and ocean.

    1. Never going to Hawaii is like never eating your favorite decadent cake. Go visit already! I’ve already said it’s the best place on Earth! :)

      If it helps, I’ve been to over 150 different cities.

      1. I wish to remain in southern California, although I would not mind being closer to the beach. There is a long list of places I would love to spend some more time! Paris is probably my favorite, although I have visited at least 5 times! Second is Amsterdam because of the canals and I feel connected to the history. UK because of the people. As I said the list goes on and on! There are still places I have not visited which may end up on that list.

        1. I love, LOVE Paris! I wish I could speak fluent French. I’d definitely spend a month a year there for sure. So beautiful, and the architecture is wonderful. Thanks for the heads up on Amsterdamn. Haven’t been and have been planning on going for the past couple years.

  4. I went to Hawaii for the first time in ’98 and I felt like coming home. I love Hawaii and would love to be able to make a living there. Keep me on your rollerdex when you get there. ;)
    The problem is the high cost of living in Hawaii. I know it’s cheaper than SF, but that’s probably true for 99% of the country too. Good luck!

    1. You felt like coming home because Hawaii sucks? Or you felt like you were at home bc you liked it there and reminded you of Thailand?

      SF is so much cheaper than NYC! But you’re right, we’re probably more expensive than everywhere else.

  5. Blue Skies Music Festival. 35+ years, i’ve been then 26 (as of this summer). I help run the festival. Don’t bother searching for it – no website. The hippies don’t want to be found!

  6. Untemplater

    Awesome set of posts Sam! Thanks for all your support for Untemplater too! :) The couple of times I’ve been to Hawaii I loved it and didn’t want to leave. The hiking there is amaaaazing and yep it’s all free just like the beaches. If I can get enough saved up to move there I wouldn’t even be worried about not seeing family and friends because I know they’d all want to come visit! What’s your favorite must see site on Oahu? -Sydney

  7. I love that you have a specific date picked out. My crystal ball is a little too murky for that but almost 7 years? Maybe I’ll be seeing you around!

    1. As they say, once you put your goal down in writing, it’s game on and makes it real!

      I have a secret reason for that date, which I will reveal that week in 2018. How about that for dedication and sticking around?!

  8. Mike - Saving Money Today

    Never been to Hawaii but I definitely want to make it there someday. If you’re living there I’ll be sure to bring some beer. :)

    1. Sounds good man! And boy, you are in for a big treat! Before I had ever come out to the West Coast, I didn’t know what the big deal was living on the East Coast. When I first visited California in 1995, I was smitten and made it a mission to eventually move out.

      You’ll love Hawaii!

  9. I read your post- it was well written. When I was working for a Start up based in San Jose / Northern VA, I did spend a few weeks in Hawaii, getting up at 4am and working with Mainland time, then stopping work at 11am and enjoying the outdoors- it was a very, very good time.

    I remember the Bay Area people always felt they had a one up over the East Coaster but you let them know you are in Hawaii, and boy- do they get jealous!

    My wife and I got married on the Big Island in Waikaloa. We talked to the locals and heard from many that the Big Island is like a 3rd World country when it comes to health care and medicine- interesting. I would like to find a nice place near Hilo or a bit inland to avoid the constant rain.

  10. Well I am living in one of those ‘low cost’ exotic locals earning the same I would in the USA… the jobs are there but they are rare.

    BTW, I hate to offend anyone but the title of this post reminds me of a Confucius joke:

    “Confucius say Kotex not best thing on Earth but next to best thing.”


    1. “Confucius says go through turnstile sideways, and you going to Bangkok!”

      It’s hard to make the big bucks in Thailand, so consider yourself lucky to make that $350K USD! I could do Thailand for a couple years, but no more. Hawaii is more palatable long term solution.

      1. Indeed, I’ve been going through airport turnstile sideways many times…

        I’ve been out here 5 years, still have a few years left in me. Maybe next stop may well be Hawaii, I will have trouble convincing the wife though.

        Did you notice that the islanders have mixed feelings about the people on the mainland? For example, a few people I’ve talked to were worried about visiting California because of all the drive by shootings!

        There is a serious lack of cheap shopping options in Hawaii, which isn’t important to me but is so very different to Asia that it would be an ‘adjustment’ for my wife…

        1. The media sensationalized things amazingly. You’d think all of Mexico was a gang warfare for example! There is danger in every place on lives. Just got to be cognizant!

          Shopping doesn’t interest me at all for some reason. In Hawaii, it’s about keeping things simple and low key.

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