The Secret To Early Retirement

Sometimes I feel like a genius.  Sometimes I feel like a financial dumb ass.  Today is not one of those days of stupidity.  It hit me during bath time the other evening that the secret to early retirement isn’t spending less than you earn, saving at least 30%+ of your after tax income, buying only what you need and living a frugal lifestyle.  Nope.  That’s just status quo where one should be living that lifestyle anyway.

What I discovered is so much deeper, and so much more powerful than anything ANY of us personal finance “gurus” have discussed.  The secret to early retirement and leisurely living is so amazing that I don’t know if I should even share with you guys since I could probably write a book, do a video, and make tons of money in the process.

Alas, I’m a nice guy, and am down with helping my fellow brothers and sisters get ahead so I’ll share with you the secret.  There aren’t any gimmicks, just the straight up truth.  Before you click the “read more” button, see if you can guess what exactly it is I’m talking about.  Think long and hard.  Now that you have, know that you could have just clicked “read more” anyway because you’ll never figure it out!


The secret to early retirement is having a working spouse!  It’s as plain as day!  Anybody who tells you they retired at an early age has that strong working man or woman by their side.  Don’t believe me?  Read around and inquire.

It’s so funny that I never thought about this light bulb moment before.  I’ve been so busy working to accumulate my nut that I lost site of the fact that all I need is a spouse to continue working, put me on her health insurance plan, provide shared income and voila!  I can retire by 40 without even trying!  What’s also equally important is that your working spouse gives you the confidence to retire early since she or he is your safety net.

The problem with this type of thinking for a man is that more times than not, your spouse is going to think you are a lazy dirt bag for not earning a steady paycheck every month.  Women will be able to sense if a guy has no ambition, which would probably mean she won’t be with you in the first place!

Guys have it tough.  Remember the post, “How To Get Your Super Motivated Boyfriend To Marry You?  Well, the whole concept of that article was to inform the ladies that you can’t rush a man until he achieves his financial and career goals.  Guys are highly pressured by society to do something and be somebody.  When a guy doesn’t live up to his potential, life can get tough!

I’m not saying that society doesn’t put pressures on a woman to create something amazing as well.  I’m just saying how many guys can find women who are happy to just have them stay at home all day while she works?  Not many!  The best case, and frankly the only case scenario I think about is that when one retires early, so will the other to go explore the world together.  There is simply no other way around it.


Life is so much better being with someone you love.  Life is even better being with someone you love who works and lets you do nothing all day long!  So for all you single folks out there who wish to retire early, think long and hard before settling down with someone.  Ask yourself whether he or she will be unperturbed by your desire to kick back and live the good life while they work.  If the answer is better than 50%, lock it down and don’t look back!

Readers, do you agree that the secret to early retirement is to simply find a spouse to take care of you?  What about “The Dark Side of Early Retirement“?

UPDATE: The How To Engineer Your Layoff: Make A Small Fortune By Saying Goodbye eBook is now live and ready for purchase at the Financial Samurai Store!

Is it “cheating” if you proclaim you are retired, but have a working spouse who pays the insurance and provides for the majority of expenses?

Why hasn’t anybody come up with this concept yet, or have they?

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  1. says

    Ahh Sam,

    I think you are trying to get most married men killed and single men looking to get married single for the rest of their life. I think its a great concept and my wife and I talk about it all the time. Its easier if I make the money and she stays home and takes care of the house and kids. When I say easier not that she wouldn’t do her fair share but I wouldn’t think she was lazy while I worked. For me retirement is being able to enjoy the time with my wife and family and not have to worry about getting up every morning to do the 9-5. I still would work doing something part time as that would keep me busy and cover insurance. My wife said she would be okay working at Tiffanys. LOL

  2. HMI says

    Thank god for women’s equality. Funny statistic, since women have become a major part of the work force their happiness has decreased while male happiness has increased as a whole.


  3. says

    If you can give me some pointers on how to find this so called boyfriend, I will give you a finder’s fee! How does that sound? In the meantime, I’ll live frugally and stock away 30% of my money each and every month, ha ha.

  4. The Stupid One says

    Ha! My husband did just that for a long while! Also, there was his kid to raise at the same time! Thankfully now he is employed, his kid is grown-up and out, but I’m still the breadwinner of the house. Not much hope for me to retire earlier than 61…

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