Even Millionaires Can’t Resist Free!

Once you become a real millionaire, not much is going to change. For example, even millionaires can't resist free lunches and free goodies!

It's been a hectic second week back after labor day and I'm so encouraged by what I'm seeing in the economy.  It's as if the world decided to suddenly get back to work after a long dormant summer.

The one tip I want to leave you guys with is that no matter how rich your client, your boss, or your prospect is, they cannot resist free.  It doesn't matter whether you take them out to lunch, buy them a drink, take them to a baseball game, or send them a book.  He or she can be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and that small $20 gesture will do the world for you!

You may think it's odd that you are giving something to someone who can afford anything, but you are mistaken.  Those who are richer than you and can afford anything are generally the ones who are always giving.  Hence, as soon as you give them something, you'll stir up their appreciation that they never knew they had.

In the spirit of free, here are some of the posts out there which do just that.

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Millionaires Are Just Like You And Me

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12 thoughts on “Even Millionaires Can’t Resist Free!”

  1. This actually so true. I have a friend of mine who owns a restaurant and I can say that the restaurant is really doing great. That friend of mine, freaked out the moment I told him I’ll treat him some hotdog. You know, people do not calculate the total expenses of something you give, what they appreciate is the effort of giving it.

  2. Who wouldn’t like free! It’s a concept that knows few bounds. Many folks who are modestly wealthy got that way by being intelligent about limiting their unneccessary spending.

    Now, sometimes there can be strings attached to things that are “free”. But as long as free truly means free….it’s all good!

  3. Cool giveaways! I am reminded of the quote while reading your post – “Reciprocity is the most important tool for getting along with people.” We always get what we give! :)

  4. You bring up some excellent points. I went to a party today and even though I was already bringing something I asked my good friend the hostess if there was anything I could pick up for her at the grocery store on my way over. As it happened there were a few things she forgot to get earlier so I was so happy to get them for her. She’s always hosting parties and dinners doing so many things for others so it was nice being able to help (even in a small way) and she really appreciated it too.

  5. I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m in sales and plenty of people can “afford” to go to a baseball game for example, but usually they do not. However, for a free game that’s already been planned for you, it’s definitely something people say yes to.

    Just because people earn a lot doesn’t mean they’re going to splurge on such luxuries. Plus, people are busy and it’s nice to have someone else do the event planning for a change.

  6. Khaleef @ KNS Financial

    Good point! Those small gestures can mean so much to anyone. We had a friend over recently and she feels that we are always doing so much for her, and she wanted to return the favor. She bought pizza for us (my one weakness!), and we were so touched! She doesn’t have much money, and she is trying to support her family after her parents divorced, so it really meant something special for her to do that.

  7. Invest It Wisely

    Yep, it’s always nice to be treated to something. :)
    Thanks very much for promoting and entering my giveaway! :)

  8. I love free! I am not rich by any means, but it means the world to me if a friend offers to take me out to lunch. I can easily afford lunch anytime, but the thought of being treated can mean so much. In this case, it truly is the thought that counts, the thought that someone wants to meet up and pay for your meal. Tis a great thing.

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