The Less You Have, The Less You Lose

The less you have, the less you lose. This is the upside attitude of not having a lot of money.

In October of 2008, Warren Buffet lost about $9.6 billion on paper. Put it another way, that's a freaking a lot of money! To also put it another way, in my chase to match Warren's wealth, I caught up to him by about $9.599 billion dollars.

Many of us have lost a lot of money in this market, but we could have lost more if we were already very wealthy. I am absolutely positive that it hurts much more for some poor rich CEO losing $50million of his net wealth, vs us losing $50,000 of our own.

Build Your Wealth Carefully

Now is absolutely the best time to be relatively young and buy all the assets we can. And since we have such a wonderful opportunity, it makes wasteful spending that much more expensive because of the potential returns down the road.

Who knows whether we are going to double dip in the 2nd half as unemployment marches to 11%+. What I do feel strongly about is that if we don't buy some distressed asset now, we are going to be kicking ourselves in 20 years.

Personally, my sites are set on a vacation property in Nevada, Lake Tahoe. I hope to pick up a foreclosure that is 50% off of peak values, and that can provide a 8% rental yield vs. the current government risk free 10 year treasure of 3.54%. In 8-10 years, I plan to move there and pay 0% state income tax, vs. 9.6% here in California.

Then again, buying rental properties today makes a lot of sense because interest rats have come way down. In 20 years, I think we'll be glad to have accumulated assets today. Our children will be proud of us!


Track Your Wealth For Free. In order to optimize your finances, you've first got to track your finances. I recommend signing up for Empower's free financial tools so you can track your net worth, analyze your investment portfolios for excessive fees, and run your financials through their fantastic Retirement Planning Calculator.

Those who are on top of their finances build much greater wealth longer term than those who don't. I've used Personal Capital since 2012. It's the best free financial app out there to manage your money.

The less you have, the less you lose. But the more you have, the more you need to stay on top of your finances!

Planning for retirement when paying for private grade school - The less you have, the less you lose
Link up your accounts and see whether you're on track to retirement in great shape or in poverty

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2 thoughts on “The Less You Have, The Less You Lose”

  1. I guess I’m fortunate (?) to have been in debt when the recession struck. My networth has been going up as I work to pay off what I owe. It is true that the less you have, the less you lose. Given I didn’t have anything, I haven’t lost anything either!

  2. Interesting, spoke to a client and he said most people he knows, including himself put a majority of their liquid assets into the stock market. Even if one had $1million in cash, he said most would put 700K or more into the market. Doesn't sound great.

    IF i had $1mil cash, i'd put 70% in a 5% then yielding CD. Wouldn't you? Or is this just hindsight speaking??

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