Presidential Election Time: Policies To Win America’s Vote

Occupy The Government!The presidential election is just days away! This is when candidates start hamming it up and telling us all the great things they will do for us to gain or retain power. My favorite policies are ones that redistribute money from those who’ve earned it to those who haven’t. That rocks!

Given politicians love power, I hereby declare my wish list of things if they promise to do, will buy my vote. Everybody needs to think about what type of goodies you want from the government as well. For those of you who have the privilege of paying federal income taxes, do not let your tax dollars go to waste! You will be thrown in jail if you do not pay your federal income taxes, so it’s important to demand concessions.

Obama and Mitt, if you’re still reading my site (I see those White House IP addresses hit on occasion), think long and hard about my list of demands. Mitt, you should be especially vigilant because my crystal ball says you are on track to lose big time. Obama is doing a much, much better job convincing the middle class he will provide us more benefits. You don’t want to waste all that time and donor’s money again now would you?


I’ve Seen The Future And It Looks So Bright

Copenhagen Sunrise

Part of creating great wealth and happiness is anticipating the future, understanding the future, betting on the future, and adapting to the future.

With President Obama in power until 2016 (and Hilary Clinton likely succeeding him after), he can be more aggressive with his policy initiatives given he no longer has to compete for another term. If Obama gets his way, taxes will go up for higher income citizens, government spending will go up to help care for our most impoverished, debt will increase, and more people will be saved from the perils of capitalism.

In other words, America will become more like Europe. We just need to be careful not to be Europe in its existing form where too much debt torpedoes our entire economic livelihood. But even if we go overboard, there will always be the Federal Reserves of our greatest nations to help us out. As the world police, they owe us!

Given America is becoming more like Europe, I decided to go to Europe and see for myself what our future might be like. You thought I was just going on a 2.5 week vacation to inject $10,000 into the Eurozone to help save the world didn’t you? Au contraire mon frere. My main purpose was to conduct some front lines investigative reporting to provide readers with unique, real-time insight into how to live and prosper over the next four years!


Growing Up As A Republican Black Woman In America Today

Mia Love Mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah

Mia Love Mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah

In a Presidential Election year, it’s important we all discuss, understand and get involved. It’s irresponsible not to have a view when so much of our future is at stake. The popular vote is divided down the middle, where many are unwilling to see the other side of the story. It is my pleasure to highlight a unique viewpoint from an old friend. Hope you gain some perspective, no matter which side of the party line you are on. Having perspective makes everything better. S

I’m going to tell you a little secret, which is rarely spoken in the African American community. There are some of us who live in fear because we went to college, found good jobs, and do not fully support President Obama. Because I am black, everybody just assumes that I support him. Although I think he is a magnificent orator who is much more entertaining than all others, the fact of the matter is that I do not support his policies that expand the ever growing powers of government. I’m sorely disappointed by the racial and socio-economic divide he has perpetuated since coming to office.

In an earlier post Sam asked, “Why Isn’t President Obama Considered White To The World?” The reason is, he doesn’t speak of or identify with a full 50% of his ethnic heritage. He says he’s black and that’s that. Forget about his Caucasian mother and her heritage. He is one of us, and no matter what, my community has to support him. He’s deemed courageous because he denounces his white half. As someone who is majority black, there’s no way I can go against him.

I knew after reading Sam’s post that I had to speak about my consternation as a black woman in America today.  Perhaps I can clear up some misconceptions that not everything is as “black and white” as it seems. I hope you’ll spend the time to read my story and share your thoughts below.


Going John Galt And Protesting Government Waste

Grim Reaper As John GaltJohn Galt is a fictional character in Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged (1957).  The phrase, “Going John Galt ” or “Going Galt” is used to describe “productive” members of society cutting back on work in response to the projected increase in U.S. marginal tax rates, increased limits on tax deductions, and the use immoral or inefficient use of tax revenues.

I’m not sure if I was a more productive member of society when I was working. I just got into the office regularly around 5:30am-6am to try and learn and do as much as possible before my superiors got in. The result of working more was simply earning more than the median pay. Not a big deal nor a surprise that working more gets you paid more.

As someone who has now forsaken his day job for more freedom, in a large way, I’m “Going Galt.” I’ve been a big opponent of Big Government for a long time because politicians have a history of lying, pandering only to their supporters, saying one thing and doing another, abusing power, and wasting money. You can spend your money much more efficiently than the government.

If you’ve paid a couple hundred thousand in taxes one year, and the city is unwilling to fix their broken water main pipe underneath their sidewalk outside your house, you will be pissed!  If it takes 11 months to finally get the City to fix a clanking manhole cover after you’ve called 38 times, you will be agitated beyond belief. If the Federal Government uses your tax dollars to fund a war you don’t believe in, and kill thousands of innocent civilians, you will be despondent. When your property’s value goes up $280,000 during the worst economic recession just so the State can collect more property taxes, you are going to riot!

The only way you can cut off the head of the beast is by sharpening your samurai sword with knowledge and never feeding the beast another morsel of food again. The more money the government gets from you and me, the more they are going to abuse their power.


The Best States For Unemployment Benefits: Would You Work If You Could Make $1,800 A Month Doing Nothing?

Surfing Dog In HawaiiWhy work if I make $1,800 a month in unemployment benefits?” was a question asked to me by someone I met in the hot tub last year.  At 28, Julie has been on unemployment for over 52 weeks.  Her old job was as a designer for Billabong USA.  During her time off, she’s been selling some of her paintings via Facebook where she posts her portfolio.  Of course, all her art earnings are not reported, otherwise, her $450 weekly benefits will start getting garnished after the first $25 dollars of income earned.

We’ve stayed in touch over the year and she’s been generous enough to give me some insights into the unemployment process.  She’s planning a two month trip to Jamaica with her friends, and she wants to do the right thing by suspending her unemployment benefits for that time period because she won’t be looking for work.

Despite her good intentions, she could not get through to the California Employment Development Department ( after calling 58 times.  That’s right, 58 times!!

So guess what?  She’s going to Jamaica for two months and will have her friend back in California fill out her bi-weekly continued claim form.  One of the questions she will have to answer is, “Did you look for work during the week?”  She will answer, “No.”, but undoubtedly, her unemployment benefits will still hit her Bank of America debit card like clockwork.


You Can Count On Social Security Benefits In Retirement

Seafood Buffet Funny FishDespite mentally writing off the value of my Social Security benefits, in the bottom drawer in the way back of my cob-webbed mind, I know it will be there to fund my early bird special seafood buffets when I’m retired.  Sure, the eligibility age for withdrawal might rise from 62 to 67, but we’re all hopefully living longer too.  Besides, who really needs Social Security benefits if we’re saving over half our after-tax income for some many years anyway?  Don’t get greedy now!

The Middle Class of America has given me a tremendous boost in conviction that Social Security benefits will be around for all, forever.  If you read the comments on my post, “Disadvantages of The ROTH IRA: Not All Is What It Seems“, people have come out in force defending the virtues of the ROTH IRA, even though I clearly telegraph why we should not be contributing to a ROTH IRA if we haven’t maxed out their traditional IRA and 401K yet.  To pay more in taxes to an inept and corrupt government that shirks on its promises is an atrocity.

We should ignore the fact that people comment on things even if they know they are wrong, to justify why they did something to make them feel better.  Instead, we should take comments at face value.  Those who support the ROTH IRA most likely have opened a ROTH IRA.  Because they’ve opened a ROTH IRA, they believe that the government will do better with their money than they can on their own.  Remember, only middle class people are allowed to contribute to a ROTH.  Higher earners be damned!

As you know, I have an open mind and always look at both sides of each debate.  My conclusion from the comments in my ROTH IRA post is this: Because so many people support the ROTH IRA, the people of America believe in the efficiency of the government and the fact that Social Security will be fully guaranteed at the age of eligibility.  If people did not believe the government would make due on its promises to fully pay for Social Security, there’s no way people would give the government more of their money to manage!

People Vote With Their Pocket Books 

Is Paying Taxes A Form of Charity?

Sleepy Old ManI just got done with two things: 1) Writing a check for another $1,000 more in taxes to the Federal Government for 2011, and 2) Re-reading the article, “The Average Percent Of Income Donated To Charity Can Improve“.  Hopefully all of you are on pace to finish doing your taxes before the April 17th deadline.

Forget about filing an extension and putting off paying your taxes.  Do it now!

Several things I’ve learned from doing my taxes:

* I paid almost as much in taxes as I’ve saved.  In fact, most of my friends, and probably most of you have paid MORE in taxes than what you’ve saved, since most people don’t save more than 20% of their gross income, let alone 55% of their after-tax income.  Go ahead, make the calculation and start vomiting.

* The amount of total taxes I paid in 2011 could buy a nice 4 bedroom McMansion in the MidWest or a Lamborghini Gallardo.  With the money left over from the Lambo, I could pay for five friends to go to Vegas for a week.  We’d stay in suites at the Aria Hotel and reserve a private booth each night at Tao with an endless flow of Crystal, Ron Zacapa, and Goose.  And here I am, a total fool trying to keep my credit card spending below $1,500 a month so I can save more for retirement and build more financial security.  I might as well live it up since the government is living it up with my money!

Disadvantages Of The ROTH IRA: Not All Is What It Seems

Passed Out Drunk Vomit Oozing From Mouth

If you contribute to a Roth IRA

For years I’ve been an opponent of the ROTH IRA after the government came out with its tricky dick way to let us all do a “one-time” conversion from our traditional IRAs. The government was so successful in getting people to pay huge sums of taxes on their IRAs during the financial crisis that I just shook my head in disbelief.

As a personal finance blogger who wants to help you achieve financial freedom sooner, rather than later, it’s my duty to write this post to help you see the error in contributing or converting to a ROTH IRA if you have not maxed out your 401(k).

Of course if the choice is between NOT SAVING and saving via a ROTH IRA for your future, then the answer is that one should open up a ROTH IRA rather than piss their money away on stupid stuff that depreciates in value. However, do know that you are still pissing money away by giving some of your money to the government. And if the choice is between choosing a traditional IRA over a ROTH IRA, choosing the traditional IRA is hands down the way to go.

Please read the reasons why a ROTH IRA is not a good idea for the large majority of you. I really hope this article will wake you up to the tremendous government brainwashing that is being conducted to get you to part more with your hard earned money. If you’re still in favor, at least you know the other side of the story and Uncle Sam thanks you!


What Is The Average Audit Rate By Income Level?

In a great display of public income profiling, the IRS recently highlighted they are increasing their audit rates for income levels above $200,000.  If you study the chart carefully, you will see that after $200,000, your audit rate percentage goes up anywhere from 3X to 30X the average audit rate for those making less!

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say this again, the average income for maximum happiness is $200,000 a year per person because $200,000 is the income level which provides maximum financial reward without drawing discrimination from the government or general public.  Any income above $200,000 gets assaulted like a rabid pit-bull against a defenseless baby bunny!

Average Audit Rates By Income In America


We all can agree that racial profiling is not OK.  Therefore, is income profiling OK?  Are we really going to allow the government to try and make the lives of the wealthier incrementally more miserable?  By doing so, we are saying that those who make more in our free country are more likely to cheat on their tax returns.  Wouldn’t those who have more money feel less of a need to cheat on their taxes since they already have enough?  Maybe.

However, if you are super rich, you’ve got the finest accountants money can buy who know these stats and who will ensure that in case of an audit, they will do everything possible to make sure things are clean because too much is at stake, including their own jobs!

From a rational point of view, given our tax code is 10,000+ pages long, we can assume that errors will be made across the entire income spectrum.  The flat tax above a certain income level is clearly the most efficient way to go.  Given limited resources at the IRS, it is rational for IRS agents to go after bigger fish to descale, slaughter, and eat vs the little minnows.  Better bang for the buck.  However, once again, is this right?

Recommendation: I’ve been using H&R Block’s Premium Tax Software to do my own taxes for the past 11 years. It’s inexpensive and very easy to use for novice to advanced tax filers. The software always updates with the latest tax rules so you’re never behind. They also have audit protection service as well.


Uncle Sam

A Grassroots Way To Get Republicans To Donate More To Charity

Paper Plane Made Of MoneyI’m confused and I need your help!  There are supposedly millions of people in the world who believe a Republican is actually going to beat Obama and win the 2012 Presidential election.  Of these fine people, many think Mitt Romney will be the leading candidate.  You know, the one who on national TV bet Rick Perry $10,000 bucks on something he claims he did not say.  Way to really connect with the American people Mitt!  The average household income is around $55,000, and you’re talking $10,000 bets?!

Mitt Romney’s 13.9% Federal income tax rate on his $21.7 million 2010 earnings is a lower tax rate than an individual making $60,000 a year.  Yet, for some odd reason, Republicans believe the middle class of America won’t be bothered by this fact and revolt against an “evil rich person” who is out of touch with America.  Come on folks, people are selfish and greedy!  If we can’t have our strawberry cheesecake, nobody else is going to have it too!  We’d rather have the cheesecake rot on the sidewalk for the mice to eat.

There are millions of people in America who are willing to vote on a candidate to raise taxes on other people without being willing to pay more taxes themselves.  I’ve written time and time again that this is not right, and we should fight for equality every single day.  Discrimination is not OK if you are not being discriminated against!  But, I also realize people don’t really care what I say, or whether other people are being discriminated against.  People vote with their pocket books, baby!  Everybody else be damned!