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Buy This, Not That is an instant Wall Street Journal bestseller by Sam Dogen, creator of Financial Samurai. Financial Samurai, started in 2009, is one of the largest independently owned personal finance sites with over one million organic pageviews a month. This page will highlight the best and worst Buy This Not That book reviews.

Sam is a 13-year Wall Street veteran and has written over 2,500 personal finance articles to date. Sam received his MBA from UC Berkeley and his undergraduate degree in economics from The College of William & Mary. All of his writings is based on firsthand experience because Sam believes money is too important to be left up to pontification.

Due to Sam's unique experience and skillful writing, he has been able to publish a Wall Street Journal bestseller, which less than 0.3% of all non-fiction books achieve.

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Buy This Not That Book Reviews

After only three months post-publication, Buy This, Not That has received over 200, 5-star reviews on Amazon. Here are some of the 5-star reviews. I'll then highlight and respond to the one and only real 1-star review.

Buy This Not That International Bestseller

Buy This Not That Book Reviews 1: Refreshing Read – Great for 1st Generation and Family Planning

Context. I grew up as a 1st generation in the US and lower income class. My parents worked minimum wage jobs till retirement (recently). There's a lot of things you don't really ever talk about growing up in a 1st generation household. We're all just trying to put food on the table and keep shelter over our heads.

I've read a lot of other financial books and blogs but have only found myself being able to resonate with this specific writer & writing style. Other financial books are too philosophical or too basic in financial advice. Examples include “don't get more credit cards”, “watch your credit score”, “invest in real estate”, etc.

The writer has a thoughtful approach and pragmatic advice with data. This read feels like a modern take on financial freedom and is more relatable in every facet.

I wish this was a core reading in college. But it is probably hard to relate to when you're not making any money. This is great if you finally have your first job and thinking about saving. Or you're slightly older and thinking about family planning.

I've taken a more keen interest in reading this as my wife and I are more actively thinking of having a family. Some of the numbers are wild and might not be relatable if you're not in a metropolitan/city. So do your own research but use some of the frameworks as a baseline model.

Thank you for writing this book!!

Buy This Not That Book Reviews 2: This book saved my financial Life

I've been a part of the FIRE community for years. While it has been a great experience overall, you'll see the same information recycled repeatedly after some time. It's all the same, nothing original, and many so-called gurus have no real financial training.

Financial Samurai is an exception and has completely changed the personal finance and financial freedom space. Sam brings originality and 13 years of experience at Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse to the table, and it shows.

I was over 70,000 USD in debt before I found Financial Samurai. Now I've sliced through the debt with Sam's literary sword, and I'm completely debt free. Sam continually encourages you to save until it hurts, and I'm hurting. Like all things in life, you pay now or pay later. My aggressive savings pain will be relieved when I reach retirement age. And I don't have to burden myself or my country.

Sam also gives out great recommendations on personal finance tools and investment platforms. I followed his advice on real estate in the Sunbelt. As a result, I'm up 6.4% this year, though the S&P 500 is down a whopping 18%. I'm not beating inflation, but I'm beating Wall Street, and I'm ok with that.

Sam's contributions are the most significant added value financial freedom information you will find on the internet. Everything in the book is covered in his blog. Though the book is well-organized, you can easily find what you're looking for to achieve financial freedom. I would start with a purchase of his book, then dig through his blog site for some original real gems.

I love that Sam is Asian American and shares his unique cultural experience in America with his audience. I've learned so much, and it's a narrative worth reading. I love that Sam is conscientious, and his morals come through in his writings.

He often writes about leaving a legacy, his parent's sacrifice, his wife, and his kids. Reading his blog, you'll see he has great morals and values. I'm continually motivated to fight for a better life. I'm continuously inspired to do more extraordinary things.

Sam is the virtual mentor you never had in real life. Don't miss this opportunity to improve your life. Never Retreat! Never Surrender!

Buy This Not That Book Reviews 3: Best FIRE Book of 2022, Beyond the Usual Dogma

This book doesn't follow the classic set of FIRE formulas (if you do want that, I would recommend JL Collins’s “The Simple Path to Wealth”). Sam approaches things in his own unique way. The results of which are a large collection of rules and frameworks for how you should approach life decisions in the most optimal way on your path to financial independence.

He pushes you to think in terms of probabilities of success. He also focuses on making decisions where a positive outcome will happen at least 70% of the time while still being humble enough to accept failure 30% of the time.

The book challenged me a lot in the first section. Sam’s advice on how much you should target to FIRE is extremely different from the more common calculations and those I personally use. Sam pushes on an income-focused approach as well as an emphasis on passive income.

I like reading books that offer me a different way to think about a problem. I know the core of a Bogel Head or Mr. Money Mustache-type FIRE approach. Reading another book about this wouldn’t incrementally add to how I already think.

Sam accomplishes that for me perfectly with this book, highly incremental. If you strictly follow his advice you will end up with way more money than I think you would ever need… but that’s not exactly the worst outcome in the world.

He also has me thinking harder about my own Real Estate exposure (nearly 0% at the moment) and other options for generating passive income vs just relying on a portfolio withdrawal rate in FIRE.

Everything I have covered thus far is not even 1/3rd of the book. The rest of the book goes deep into thinking about where to live throughout your life, how to approach your career, job hopping vs sticking around (has a really good analogy of being like Nick Saban and not John Wooden), severances, side hustles, education, love, children, stealth wealth, and so much more that I really learned from.

Sam writes from the experience of someone who FIRE’d at the tail end of The Great Recession. For those in Tech in 2022, there are a lot of parallels to what Sam went through in his finance career in 2008-2012. I was also able to relate more since he actually lived (lives still) in San Francisco after working in New York and talks from experience about the benefits these VHCOL locations can have on your career.

Buy This Not That Book Reviews 4: Wise Choices = Freedom

Sam’s stated goal is to help the reader make optimal/wise financial decisions in many areas of life by overcoming their fear of making wrong financial choices. He does this by providing a framework of guidelines and goals along with personal observations from his own path to financial freedom at the age of 34.

He reminds us that life is both long and short and while we can only move forward, we have the power to choose how we live our lives. Making wise financial choices will give us a better chance to live the best life possible. The path to financial freedom is not easy, and life is not linear, but this book provides a solid foundation for how to:

1. adopt the right mindset
2. put your money to work
3. optimize your investments
4. create a better life for your family

If you are new to the idea of achieving financial independence, this book will motivate you and help you get started. If you are already on the path to financial freedom, this book will help you course correct, if you believe it is necessary, and provide you with some options you may not have considered.

Sam Dogen started the “Financial Samurai” website in 2009. This book summarizes many of the principles he has developed over the years. If you want more information, I encourage you to visit his website where you will learn many new things.

Never stop learning!

Buy This Not That Book Reviews 5:  A much-needed alternative perspective on how we value our time and manage our money.

Maybe it was the pandemic, but for the first time in our lives we asked ourselves, “what if we wanted to stop working our day job”? If you have ever asked this question, this book is for you.

I’ve been consistently reading the Financial Samurai newsletter and posts since late 2020/early 2021. There is so much great information on the site, but it might be difficult for some readers to know where to start. What I liked about Buy This, Not That, is how Sam put all the Financial Samurai wisdom and experience into one book.

Sam does a nice job of walking the reader through chapter by chapter how to build financial independence. While doing so, Sam provides principles, charts, and draws on real-life experience.

For me, I found Sam’s thoughts surrounding passive income, real estate, and risk tolerance the most helpful. My spouse and I are mid-career, and we’re not planning to engineer our layoff anytime soon, but things could change.

After reading the book we were inspired to update our financial plan and supercharge our passive income in preparation for the day we want to engineer our layoff.

Parents with young children and those in their teenage years should read the book. The earlier children and young adults can obtain this knowledge, the further ahead they’ll be.

This book provides a much-needed alternative perspective on how we value our time and manage our money.

Buy This Not That Book Reviews 6: If you want to learn personal finance, this is your new bible.

I've been an amazon customer since 2004 and rarely, if ever, do I leave product reviews. This book was so good, that I was inspired to go out of my way to review the book and give it 5 stars.

I've been a reader of Financial Samurai since 2018. I loved the deep analysis and practical tips that Sam offers surrounding personal finance. I trust his perspective because unlike many other “FIRE influencers” Sam has worked in-industry, has accumulated a massive self-made portfolio, has an MBA, and is an amazing teacher!

The frameworks, charts, data, and research he provides in the book are second to none and succinctly aggregate some of the very best pieces of content from the 10+ years of writing on Financial Samurai into a single easy-to-read book.

Also of note — Sam is also a family man so the themes / chapters extend beyond finance and into how finances can improve / influence your personal life and family — I love that. Personal Finance is meant to fulfill your “why”; not BE your “why”.

For reference — I was able to read the whole book front to back over the course of a week.

Sam — Thank you for the incredible amount of work that's gone into this book. In the book you aim to provide 100x – 1000x in value over the cost of the book, and I can satisfactorily say BTNT provides value on the upper end of that spectrum.

Buy This Not That Best Seller v3

Buy This Not That Book Reviews 7: Reading this book + taking the actions it recommends == financial peace and well-being

I've been following Sam's blog since 2013- FS is one of the largest independently operated blogs in the world by revenue and visitors. This book is the ultimate amalgamation of his very best financial frameworks.

Here are a couple of his rules I've followed that made my financial life better:

—Spending no more than 10% of my gross annual income on a car. I've never had a car payment, I don't give a shit if my 2008 Hyundai picks up dings in the Costco parking lot. Lower stress than my peers driving their $50k+ pickups with payments and high insurance!
—Starting a blog of my own (side hustle) which now has over 15,000 monthly visitors and makes enough to cover my daily coffee habit (and no more).
—Focusing on earning more instead of extreme frugality, which has a mental and monetary limit—not hesitating to spend a lot on elite education to triple my income.
—(Recent) Saving six months of living expenses for an emergency fund (I'm in my mid-thirties, so this one has taken me a while)

Much of this is widely available advice, but Sam's differentiating factor is that he's walked the walk for over twenty years. It's not pontification. He's worked for blue-chip companies on Wall Street, followed his own rules, and always shares from experience. In a world full of armchair experts, it's pretty refreshing. I'm confident your purchase of this book will pay for itself several times over!

Buy This Not That Book Reviews 8: Informative & Fun

I've been following Sam's Financial Samurai blog for a number of years and his newsletter, and recently found out he had written his first book. I was intrigued and had to see if there was more to read from Sam than was on his blog. So far I have not been disappointed.

I am still reading it and am about halfway through the book. Same writes with a real down-to-earth style and in a few places, I was suddenly caught off guard and burst out into laughter, at the hidden humor in the book at the most unexpected corner.

I found a very useful nugget of information regarding risk tolerance and how to actually gauge what yours is. I always thought that I was moderate-aggressive until I read his metric and realized that I was actually moderate-conservative. I'm not going to spoiler alert the formula, so you will have to get the book to discover it for yourself.

I've read many financial self-help books over the years and wish I had access to this one when I first got out into the real world. Do yourself and a young adult a favor (or anyone else that needs financial investing boot camp) and get the book. It's well worth the investment.

Buy This Not That Book Reviews 9: Actionable Guidance Over Algorithms

Although a reader of Sam’s site for a couple of years I was excited for this book to get a comprehensive and end-to-end guide on his thought process. This book did not disappoint in that regard and it also hit on non-financial themes I was not expecting but appreciated.

I work in finance so know about that side of investing but what I enjoy about Sam is diving into the “why” and “when” to invest a certain way based on life stage. Rather than simply take current assets, plug various allocations into a projection tool, and simply pick the option that has the largest expected value at the expected retirement date, Sam talks about the decisions we have to make along the way.

I now consider decisions that might be math sub-optimal but life-optimal and how to get started actually considering non-traditional career choices. Thank you Sam for all you do.

Buy This Not That Book Reviews 10: If I only had this info in my 20s!

As a long-time reader of Sam Dogan’s website and blog, this book represents a collection of his best advice. The funny thing about Sam’s advice is, when you read his writings or listen to his podcasts, you will think he has lived well into his 60s. Let’s just say that he is wise beyond his years.

If I had this book thirty years ago and had applied this knowledge, I could now be retired if I chose to be.

And that dynamic is one huge part of this book. Getting to a point financially where you can retire if that’s what is in your best interest.

Thank you Sam. You are doing a great thing.

Buy This Not That Book Reviews 11: Finally, financial help I can understand

From the moment I started this book, I found it easy to read and absorb. Perhaps it’s Sam’s style of writing or maybe my personal desire to get more in tune with finances. I think a bit of both.

No surprise, truthfully, in the above as I look forward to his Financial Samurai newsletter when it arrives in my email Inbox. I only wish my instructors through all my schooling years could have been as engaging in their particular topics. Sam has nailed it.

Looking forward to more great topics in the quagmire of the money world. Thanks Sam!

Buy This Not That Book Reviews 12: Easy to read, lightweight book, vast amount of information in a very logical format

I was fortunate to have had a one-on-one consultation with Sam about six years prior to my early retirement in 2021 – It was time well spent. Sam no longer offers consults but this book is an excellent alternative.

The entire book is an easy read while also being very comprehensive and data packed. I really appreciate that this book is lightweight as I have challenges gripping things for very long after too many years using non-ergonomic computer keyboards and mice.

A bonus is the “Further Reading” section which has references to his blog articles which I’ve found invaluable over the years. No need for a financial planner if you have time to do a bit of research on your own and a passion for learning.

Sam’s website has saved me thousands so far as I confidently (and so far successfully) manage our portfolio of various assets. Keep up the awesome work Sam – The world needs more kind, humble, and sharp people like you!

Buy This Not That_Amazon

Buy This Not That Book Reviews 13: Finance for HUMANS

I love that this book is not just about money and numbers (which would be ho-hum). It's about how does money relate to your life. Dogen asks us to think about the WHY. WHY do you want financial freedom? Because you want to travel to Asia? Because you want to spend all your time making art? WHY do you want your sixth grader to go to private school over public school? Or vice versa? WHY are you living in an expensive city when you work remotely?

In asking readers WHY, he reminds us that money is just the means to an end and focuses us on life goals. It keeps me motivated in my financial education. My financial advisor is always trying to enlighten me, but it's like listening to a foreign language. BUY THIS, NOT THAT has been so useful in helping me fill in the gaps and understand money and investment principles.

Buy This Not That Book Reviews 14: Incredible Book! Loads Of Advice

I have been waiting for this book for months and it did not disappoint! Buy This, Not That is the best personal finance book I have ever read. And I’ve read all of them. The book has both wonderful stories and specific, actionable advice.

What’s really fun about the book is that it tackles so many of life’s dilemmas, both big and small. I especially like the framework on paying down debt and investing, whether to join a startup, and how to get ahead in your career. The real estate section of the book is particularly deep and helpful as well.

Analysis paralysis is something I’ve struggled with my whole life. And I like how Sam makes logical arguments but doesn’t force anything down your throat either.

It is clear from his writing that Sam is a seasoned finance veteran who enjoys helping others. I feel much, much smarter and more confident after reading the book!

Be warned, this is a big book, literally and length-wise. It goes much deeper than other personal finance books. So all the more reason to get it and discuss it with friends and family.

Buy This Not That Book Reviews 15: Life-Changing Book

Get the book — your future self will love you for it! Life is made up of so many decisions that can either propel you to success or set you back. Make enough of those poor decisions and it may take years to get back to even. I wish I would have had this book in my 20s to guide me through some of those tough financial decisions.

One of the best parts of the book is the recaps at the end of each chapter that remind readers of actionable steps to take to improve their lives. This is certainly a book to keep returning to as one makes their way through different stages of life.

Buy This, Not That: How To Spend Your Way To Wealth And Freedom Bestseller

Buy This Not That Book Reviews 16: This book is essential for the times we’re living in!

I’ve written very few book reviews on Amazon but this one is too good for me not to share. I’m not much into advice books. But I was with a good friend and was moaning about how uncertain I was from a financial perspective. The world we all share is precarious anyway you look at it— no need to list what can go this way or that.

My friend had just read “Buy This, Not That” and thought it might help calm me down. He gifted me the book and I devoured it. I was actually writing notes in margins, something I haven’t done since college.

I can’t say my life has changed but in so many ways I now have solid strategies in my pocket. Some big, some small. I still don’t know which way this world is headed but I now feel better equipped to face it head-on with the best shot of landing on my feet. Thank you Sam! When’s your next book coming out?

Buy This Not That Book Reviews 17: A FIRE Novel for the FIRE Community

I may be aging myself based on the pun in the header, but “fire” in my high school days meant good. And the FIRE community is an acronym for financial independence retiring early. I thought it was witty…but maybe I'm just kidding myself. Regardless, Sam Dogen (the Financial Samurai) is the leader in this market — in my humble opinion.

I've been a subscriber of Sam's newsletter for years and have referred it to many. Every week (generally on Sunday), I'm always excited to see it hit my inbox. Unless consumed by something else, I drop what I'm doing to give it a read.

Sam provides some of the most insightful advice, and again in my humble opinion, pure wisdom. He doesn't try to make things complicated. Nor does he try to sound smarter than you…although he most likely is. He really does care about his readership and wants them to succeed.

So when I learned Sam was releasing a novel, I was even more excited than when I usually see his weekly newsletter. This book (“Buy This, Not That“) is the next step. Not only for Sam, but more so for his audience. After reading, you can tell that Sam wrote this book because he wants others to follow in his footsteps while avoiding the mistakes he candidly admits he has made along the way.

Whether you're a seasoned financial veteran or just starting off, this book is for you. In fact, the younger you are the better as you'll be able to put Sam's practices to use in your life for a much longer period of time.

So with that, thank you Sam for providing this guide. I'm sure I'll be referring back to it regularly.

To your financial freedom,


Buy This Not That Book Reviews 18: Best personal finance book I’ve read in long while!

I have followed Sam for a long while and this book sums up some of his best points yet! I’m the first attorney on both sides of my family. In my 20s and 30s, I always felt bad about certain decisions I’ve made such as having an inexpensive wedding (while friends had weddings that cost 70k), having my first child at 30 (was that too early? Nope!), and choosing to stay employed as a government lawyer to spend more time with my kiddos and receive pension credits, while folks in private practice were condescendingly commenting that government lawyers are incompetent, and the decision to send my kids to public schools v private.

The book is confirmation that I have made the best possible decisions thus far in life, and that I have nothing to be ashamed of. This book also provides a measuring stick on how much to pay down on a mortgage out of our discretionary income, when to buy a vacation home, and other sorts of topics directly relevant to our lives. It will serve as a reminder in offering up guidance to my kids as they grow up as well. Highly recommend!

Buy This Not That Book Reviews 19: A Freedom Map – showing his own escape plan from the 9 to 5 rat race

For anyone ready to break free of the traditional ladder-climbing culture. Written by someone who has actually lived and breathed the FIRE movement.

I'm a fellow Asian-American who understands what it's like growing up as a minority in northern VA before leaving for CA to leverage my own FIRE skills. I credit Sam's advice for helping me retire in my 40s to write and enjoy tennis most of the year. It is definitely possible with his blueprint…but it takes grit.

I simply love his unconventional nuggets of wisdom for success. The book includes many areas of uncommon advice that helped cement his Financial Samurai blog series. It distills that knowledge down for disciplined wealth builders who cannot count on Bitcoins or Powerball Jackpots to make them rich.

As Tony Robbins (Money: Master the Game) often asks his guru guests…”is this the one piece of advice you would be proud to leave your kids?” I think this book for Sam is his way of paying it forward in the financial universe.

Buy This Not That_Amazon

Buy This Not That Book Reviews 20: The Ideal Gift to Give Friends & Family – I Bought 4 Copies!

I've never bought a financial ‘get rich' book ever, and I still haven't. Buy This, Not That is a practical guide to reframing how most Americans think about their money. It really provides an outlook on wealth building that is empowering to those with public school kids without access to our parent(s)'s money. I've been following Sam's blog, Financial Samurai for a few years now, and this book brings it all together. In fact, there are links within chapters to read.

One practical example is the idea around a second home or vacation home. Sam provides a recommended rule of thumb to gauge whether it's financially viable for you. He does this with private vs public school decisions, buying or leasing a car, and more.

Mr. Dogen also shares his philosophies and nuanced formulas on a wide range of financial topics that we should all be thinking about. I can't recommend it enough. It feels both validating and eye-opening to read this book. I find myself saying, “Yes, I have been doing the best I can here in saving (defensively)”. Or, “I could try to be more offensive in building my wealth here.” I've purchased multiple copies to gift to friends, and to keep one for reference at home. Can't wait for his next book!

Buy This Not That Book Reviews 21: A Thoughtful and Effective Book on all things Money, Life, Finance, and Wellbeing

Really enjoyed this book cover-to-cover. Sam does a great job of balancing bigger ideas and philosophies with specific examples and frameworks to really drive points home. It would behoove anyone to read this book and think critically about their approach to their life and career.

I'm not surprised by how much I enjoyed Buy This, Not That as I've been a voracious reader of Sam's blog and always appreciate his well-researched and thoughtful pieces. Thank you Sam for everything you do!

Buy This Not That Book Reviews 23: A “Not Boring” Personal Finance Book!

Personal finance books can be dense, boring, and even condescending at times. Buy This, Not That breaks the traditional mold and provides refreshing, new personal finance insights and tactics you can apply to your life. I liked it so much that I gave it to my sister to read as well.

Buy This Not That Book Reviews 24: Hands down the best personal finance book I've ever read

This is an incredible book packed with unbelievable value. Sam does a fantastic job of making the content accessible, yet still providing plenty of depth for those more familiar with finance. If you are at all interested in financial independence, you need to read this book.

I believe this will be a staple of personal finance and the FIRE movement for years to come!

Buy This Not That Book Reviews 25: Must Read on Personal Finance and Retirement Planning

This book is clear and easy to understand, a must-have for anyone looking to set themselves up for retirement. It’s especially good for thinking about how to retire early. It’s full of concrete frameworks, tips, and tools. Definitely a personal finance and retirement planning bible!

Buy This Not That Book Reviews 26: Best personal finance book ever written

I've been reading personal finance books for years. Usually, 2-3 books a year depending on what catches my eye. And BUY THIS, NOT THAT is hands down the best one I've read. It is entertaining, thorough, tactical, and insightful.

Instead of a personal finance book written by a marketer who sells shady $2,000 e-courses, or someone with no relevant financial experience, or a thin book that just scratches the surface, BUY THIS, NOT THAT is actually written by a finance veteran who walks the walk and talks the talk.

The book contains concrete and actionable recommendations to make important financial decisions. Further, the book tackles big life dilemmas which is unique compared to all the other personal finance books out there. BUY THIS, NOT THAT reminds us that money is a means to a better life, not the end goal itself.

I especially appreciate all the insights on real estate investing. The author's philosophy about getting neutral real estate once you know where you plan to stay for 5-10 years is also eye-opening. I have learned more about real estate in this book than in all the other personal finance books I've read combined.

Buy This Not That Melbourne, David S
Melbourne, Australia

The book contains good analysis on investing, properly structuring your investment portfolio, retirement planning, debt management, family planning, education, and passive income development. It goes deep into every subject in an educational and entertaining way.

This is the kind of book you want to keep referring back to as your life progresses and your financial goals change. The book has lit a fire under me to step up my game so I can build more wealth and live the life that I want.

If you want to be a lot wealthier 5-10 years from now and significantly outperform your peers, buy this book. I've purchased a copy for five of my closest friends. This book is some of the best financial and life education money can buy!

Buy This, Not That Book Review: 1-Star

Given no good book review is without criticism, here is the only 1-star book review of Buy This, Not That on Amazon so far.

The only 1-star BTNT book review: Unrealistic

This book may be worth reading if you are under 30 years old and make a 6 figure income. This book says I need $30 million dollars to become financially independent?! Really? If I had $30 million I wouldn't need to read this book. Ridiculous and almost depressing.

My Response To The One-Star, Buy This Not That Book Review

Part of adopting a strong money mindset is believing you deserve to be financially independent one day. There are literally trillions of dollars out there in the world for the taking. Why don't you deserve to be rich too?

If you have a weak money mindset, you will tend to find excuses for your shortcomings. Instead of trying to improve your own financial situation, you would rather try to bring others down. Don't fall for this debilitating way of thinking!

You can achieve financial independence, even without a six-figure income. Here's a post I wrote called, Achieving Financial Independence On A Modest Income to help share this strong money mindset perspective. I was making $40,000 a year living in Manhattan and sharing a studio with a friend to save.

Yes, it is easier to build more wealth with a higher income. However, there are plenty of high-income earning people with nothing to show for every month. There are plenty of people who've gone bankrupt after making millions of dollars! Instead of thinking in absolute dollar terms, think in percentages. Examples include your saving rate percent, your cash flow percentage, your investment returns percentage, etc.

$30 Million Is Unnecessary

And no, you don't need $30 million dollars to be financially independent. I'm not sure where the reviewer got this information.

However, based on my stretch target of accumulating 20X your average annual gross income to be financially independent, maybe the reviewer earns $1.5 million. If this is the case, he is a great case study on how even those who make seven figures a year need to work on strengthening their money mindset.

Think of my net worth targets by age as stretch goals. You might not achieve them. But you sure as heck will get farther than if you had no targets to shoot for. Instead of getting mad at your personal trainer for maximizing your potential, get motivated!

Knowledge Is Priceless

I wrote Buy This, Not That because I want to help readers build more wealth and live more freely. We only have one life to live, we might as well make the best of it.

I have worked in and written about finance and personal finance since 1999. Everything I write is based on firsthand experience because money is too important to be left up to pontification.

I'm certain my book will provide at least 100X more value than its cost once you finish it. Over time, the knowledge you will gain will continue to compound in value. And in 10 years, I'm confident you will be wealthier than you could have imagined.

Give yourself the gift of knowledge. Order a hardcover copy today by clicking one of the retailers below. Amazon usually has the best prices.

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