Pretend You Have Arrived So You Can Become

Before every tennis match, I watch a short video on Youtube of a favorite tennis pro to get inspired.  All that goes through my mind are beautiful strokes and luscious sounding *thwacks* each time the ball leaves my strings.  I prepare my tennis bag with the right equipment: grip, Advil, Gatorade, a change of clothes, flip flops, hat, and sunglasses.  My outfit matches, down to my shoes and I say a little prayer.  Essentially, I go through a routine that any pro would go through, pretending to be one myself,  in order to get ready for battle.

Pretending you have arrived, so you can become is a way for us to get in the right frame of mind so we can tackle many of your challenges with full vigor.  If you are not mentally tough on the court, you will defeat yourself before even giving your opponent a chance to defeat you!  In essence, you are your own worst enemy if not properly trained.

Some may think that if you are a pretender, you have a risk of becoming delusional.  There’s no doubt we often over estimate our own abilities, however, I encourage all of us to increase the belief in ourselves.  If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will.


Nick Vujicic Shows Us How to Get Up And Never Quit

Nick Vujicic was born with no arms and no legs.  He admits to us there were plenty of times when all he wanted to do was give up.  Nick didn’t understand the point to his life and therefore wanted to end it.  Thank goodness he’s alive because he’s shared his story with millions of people around the world, inspiring them to keep on going.

Just the other day, someone forwarded me an article about this young woman venting because everybody is a workaholic at her office.  She tells us how incredibly amazing it is that she gets in at 8am and works until 6:30pm everyday.  In other words, she’s asking for praise and sympathy for working normal hours.  The kicker?  She was unemployed for over half a year and just started this job!

Whenever I feel like complaining about how unfair life is, I stop and think about people like Nick who have it just a little bit harder.  Is he complaining?  No.  He is trying harder, and so shall I.  Perhaps so shall we all!  Let’s eradicate the sense of entitlement that lingers among everyone of us; some more than others.  We shall not whine about our jobs or complain why our love lives crumble.  Let’s take ownership of our own actions.  If you are a complainer, please go somewhere else!

Readers,  who inspires you to keep on going?


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Searching For Love And A Little More Money

Oh, the monotony of it all!  Imagine clocking in, day in and day out with really no change to your job.  You’ve got little risk of getting fired, and in 10 years you’ll retire with several million to last you a lifetime.  In the back of your mind, you wish you didn’t have job security because you despise boredom.  At the same time, you realize you’ve got it made and shouldn’t be so spoiled in your thinking.

One day a headhunter gives you a ring asking if you want an opportunity to make 50% more money a year guaranteed for two years.  The catch?  You’ll be working for a start up with no such promises of job security after year two.  You’ll also have to move to a different city where the cost of living is also 25% higher.  The hours and stress will most certainly more as well.  Welcome to Kathy’s world.


The Good Times Are Back Again – The Indulgent List Of Things

Look around.  What do you see?  I see packed buses, traffic jams, busy open houses, expensive restaurants with only 9pm seatings, and friends finding new jobs again.  Double dip recession?  I don’t think so.  With the Dow over 10,500 and the S&P 500 over 1,020, it’s as if last year was just a bad dream.

Yet, it is exactly during good times, when we must be more diligent about our finances. It’s so easy to forget how bad things were and stray.  Rather than spend more money, save more money during upswings so that we can spend more money during downturns.

When times are good, it’s not necessary to spend more money to create any sort of additional fulfillment or pleasure.  We’re getting paid more, the opportunities for promotions are greater, and the demand for our services surpass our supply.

In essence, we feel good because we feel wanted again.  It’s when a downturn hits when money can help balance the mood out a little with some retail or food therapy, or maybe even a vacation.  In essence, spend money counter-cyclically for better returns.


Over The Hill At 40 – Age Discrimination In The Workplace

Every large corporation has some type of annual “Diversity Training” course where we learn not to harass colleagues, send out crude jokes over e-mail, and discriminate against those unlike ourselves.  Everything generally makes sense except for one rule that I once read: “One shall not discriminate against someone over 40.”  I thought about this for a second, and I began to wonder if they had made a typo.

At age 40, one will have worked for 18 years out of college or 15 years out of graduate school on average.  If the accepted age of retirement is 65, or 25 years away from 40, then the rule is implying that age discrimination starts before you are even half way through your average 40 year long career!

The other interesting fact is that most people are living longer nowadays.  Forties are the new thirties as they say.  People are looking younger and younger at various age milestones.  Hence the question, why 40?  Let’s explore the various reasons.