Deep Thoughts On Twitter: Cold Food And Suffering

If you ever find yourself in a bizarre situation or want to get some interesting answers to a question, turn to social media. I recently got some deep thoughts on Twitter over cold food and suffering. Here's how it all went down.

I clicked the 2 minute super nuke button on my microwave before leaving to park my car. Moose was left outside after a late night of partying. And I didn't want the parking crazies to give me a lovely $70 ticket for blocking my own driveway.

Two minutes should have been enough sizzle time to keep my food toasty before I got back. Eight minutes later (checked and read the mail too), I came back to ravish my leftover Pad Thai. Oh, how disappointed I was my food was cold.

Amusing And Deep Thoughts On Twitter

And so I tweeted:

“If room temperature is considered warm, why does my food always get cold? #Deepthoughts as I ponder the meaning of life while writing.” via @FinancialSamura

My question was sincere, in the moment, and with no time to think.  I got a couple sincerely interesting responses.

“@Financialsamura Is room temperature warm? I thought it was just “eh” :)”

Wrote the lovely @MarenKate with one bagillion followers.  Good clue there as my mind started processing.  Perhaps inappropriately, but always with honestly I responded,

“@marenkate Room temp is definitely at least lukewarm in my mind, but gets hotter when you tweet. Whuh?”

Not as lovely, but equally as intelligent @DrDeanBurke then pitched in and wrote:

“@financialsamura What is the temp of your tongue? Anything cooler, will taste cool…..No charge!”

How should I know what the temp of my tongue is Doc?  I shoulda become a doctor, I'd kill it if I could make money with that advice!

Seconds later, @IWP responds with the lightning bolt answer:

“@Financialsamura Ha, cause it's because room temperature is colder than you like your food when eating.”

That, in a nutshell is the answer to all suffering, happiness, and disappointment! You see, not only is everything rational, everything is also relative! I like my food hot – hot to the point where my tongue and top of my mouth almost burn off. Anything less is displeasing.

Examples Of Desire & Suffering

Back in college, I used to think making $30,000 a year was awesome, and retiring with a million bucks was a monumental achievement. After working for more than a decade, I no longer think this way. What a shame, but something at least I recognize.

I used to think my inner tube was the best way to enjoy the ocean. Not anymore after I witnessed the 150+ yard long mega-yacht called “A” the other month!

So you see, the clear answer to happiness is having low standards (cold food, soggy waffles, inner tubes, one pack gut, low income) and being satisfied with what you have. Who would have thunk that a key question could be found so instantaneously via deep thoughts on Twitter?

Further Reading

Readers, shall I start a series called “Deep Thoughts on Twitter”? What do you think causes suffering?

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19 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts On Twitter: Cold Food And Suffering”

  1. I believe in having realistic goals. Goals that you can achieve and then move on to further goals. Having an unachievable goal doesn’t make sense to me. We all need to be motivated to do things in life and if we always fail to meet the goals we set in life, I don’t will be motivated enough to go on.
    Break your ultimate goal into smaller realistic goals based on your current situation. Attach one goal at a time. Each time you achieve a goal, you will realize that you are one step close to your ultimate goal and this will make you work harder and keep you focused.
    Each of us will create our goals based on our current circumstance and resources.

  2. Maybe I’m missing something – Where is your example of suffering? Soggy waffles or over-nuked food?

    In answer to your question – a Deep Thoughts on Twitter series would be hilarious!

    In terms of what causes suffering – I think it’s just a natural part of a fallen and imperfect world we live in.

  3. craig gonzales

    Having food poisoning and catching malaria while living in Ghana causes suffering. Incredible, terrible suffering.


  4. What do you think causes suffering?
    I am a Buddhist and we believe suffering is inevitable in life, you just have to deal with it. The way monks deal with it is to get rid of desire thrust minimize suffering.
    Being a regular guy, I do try to keep a low standard of living but of course as we make more money we want to spend more. It is very difficult to say no to new towels when we can afford it and the wife wants new towels. The bottom line is to make sure our standard of living never exceed our income and we are doing good there so far.

  5. yeah I understand this is completely opposite from the article, but i just don’t see how setting yourself up for failure before you even start is beneficial. The mind is a powerful thing and if you put a thought into it, it will do it’s best to make that happen.

    i dont want to get too deep, but setting your goals so low will most likely result in poor performance.

    1. Such low goals always ensures success! Better than people who set lofty goals, get discouraged, and quit. I see A LOT of quitters, b/c it’s easier to quit than keep on going.

  6. I got some great advice from my father in law who, at one point, didn’t even have enough money to get buy a 50 cent ice cream cone. He told me to always have the biggest goals possible, if you think making 1M a year is great, then set a goal to make 1M in 6 months. I think this is great advice.

    1. Do you think that after not achieving one’s stretch goals for a while, it might get a little depressing though?

      This article talks about having the entirely different goals… of having very low ones.

  7. I truly think one of the keys to my personal happiness is my low expectations. I wasn’t raised with a whole lot, and my life is a million times better than I thought it would be. So I just walk around pretty darn happy most the time. (My favorite way to enjoy the enjoy the ocean is still to float along with the waves- I don’t even need an inner-tube. I was on a whale watching boat once and felt sick the entire time!)

    I think it would be fun to create a Twitter series. The randomness of people’s replies should be fun.

    My Twitter response would have been: “body temp is 98.6. Room temp is around 72. Therefore food will taste cold to you if at room temp.” Pretty exciting, eh?

    1. Yeah ET, I woulda said that too, but gave Same the benefit of the doubt knowing his body temp.

      Maybe his doc uses a rectal thermometer on him.

      He needs a vacation! Have fun Sam!

      And yes I’m killing it! Dragging it home too!

    2. That’s the thing though…. I don’t think you would respond in that fashion, b/c Twitter is an instantaneous stream of thought in a short space, while a comments/blog post can be quite thought out and elaborated on.

    3. I was posting an answer to this post in the bottom box when I realized that Everyday Tips already posted a similar response.. I agree. I would say suffering is caused when something fails to live up to its expectations. If you don’t expect anything then whatever you get is good to you. I think it’s better to have high expectations and be disappointed occasionally than to have low expectations and always exceed them. So, basically…Keep hoping for warm Thai food!

  8. Real Estate Investing

    Yes, I love deep thoughts! Go for it!

    Also, you are so on point about everything being relative. This is so true cause we don’t even want to talk about what i thought was reasonable as far as income coming from a poorer househould, but had my eyes awaken when I attended an higher end Catholic school. Amazing how your expectations, desires and dreams can be risen instantaneously.

    1. Tell me more about what you consider a “poorer household” is? And, talk to me more about real estate investing. Clearly, you seem quite passionate about the field!

      1. Real Estate Investing

        Poorer is always a relative term. And let me say growing up was not a struggle as far as I could tell from being a child. It was wonderful.

        Yet the fact is we grew up in low income neighborhood, even region. My parents moved to the area because when the purchased, blacks were not allowed to buy anywhere else. The practice is called redlining and it was perfectly legal then. Median household income 20K or lower is what I would suspect, and all the typical issues that surrounds these neighborhoods.

        Contrast that with what I was exposed to when I went to highschool was amazing. We are talking about a well to do white, catholic school that was known for academics, discipline, and sports. The type of wealth that I was exposed to blew my mind. No one from my area even really thought that was real other than on TV. I would have to tell stories to my friends of what I experienced seen and their eyes would be so wide. We never imagined people lived like that.


        Anyway, real estate investing is interesting to me because wealthy people either made their money in real estate or put it there once they make it. I became interested.

        I am really more of a publisher because I really just noticed a niche in the market, which was real estate investors and just used my entreprenurial mind and went for it. IWP started as an offline magazine in Chicago. Things happen, I moved online and just now feel like I am ready to begin building it again. Yakezie has been a big motivator.

        1. Very cool IWP. How did you end up going to what sounds like a very expensive private school?

          It really is night and day. It’s really the support network around some of these schools, including the parents which are so incredible.

          A lot of people define wealth with real assets i.e. property, gold, etc. I agree. Money is just a medium of exchange, which is why I’m buying more property now.

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