Site Review: An Innovative Way To Buy And Sell Solutions Online

There’s a new site called which smartly allows people with questions to buy solutions and sellers to sell their solutions.  The site is very well designed and easy to use.  One of the main draws for sellers is that you can sell your solutions over and over again, earning a passive income stream for life.  Sounds great!  The real question is, will people go there to pay for answers?

The main thing the site lacks is credibility of the sellers.  It’s one thing to take advice online without having to pay for it.  It’s another thing to actually spend money for advice.  A brief glance shows that solutions are being sold for anywhere between $2 to $10.  That’s not a lot, but it’s $2 to $10 more than what many people will pay thanks to the invention of Google, Bing and other search engines out there.


Even Millionaires Can’t Resist Free!

It’s been a hectic second week back after labor day and I’m so encouraged by what I’m seeing in the economy.  It’s as if the world decided to suddenly get back to work after a long dormant summer.

The one tip I want to leave you guys with is that no matter how rich your client, your boss, or your prospect is, they cannot resist free.  It doesn’t matter whether you take them out to lunch, buy them a drink, take them to a baseball game, or send them a book.  He or she can be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and that small $20 gesture will do the world for you!

You may think it’s odd that you are giving something to someone who can afford anything, but you are mistaken.  Those who are richer than you and can afford anything are generally the ones who are always giving.  Hence, as soon as you give them something, you’ll stir up their appreciation that they never knew they had.

In the spirit of free, here are some of the posts out there which do just that.

Yakezie Giveaways Galore!

The New Rule For Engagement Ring Buying

To all the ladies in the house, you’re in for a real treat! To all the fellas thinking about proposing, maybe not! It all depends on how materialistic you are in the first place. Even if you are already married ladies, point your hubby to this article and you might just get a ring upgrade!

So what’s the new rule for engagement ring buying you ask? Well before we get into the most obvious new engagement buying rule all of society should follow, let’s discuss some of the current ridiculous rules that must be thrown out the window!


On A Mission To Refinance America

Recently, I’ve been on a mission to tell anybody who will listen to refinance their mortgage.  I get nothing in return, just the satisfaction of knowing that someone who isn’t a rate hawk like me can get a nice kick in the pants to save some money every month for the next 5-to-30 years of their lives.  Nobody gave me a kick in the pants when I locked in my refi, which is why I had to pay 0.125% higher than I should have because I was unsure and waited a little too long.

Banks have promotions all the time, and your duty as a borrower and saver is to identify which banks are offering the most attractive terms at any given moment.  That bank is Citibank, with mortgage rates often 50 basis points (0.5%) cheaper than any competitor out there for 5/1 and 30-year mortgage products.  Citibank is on a rampage to build up their loan book again.  As patriots, it’s our duty to spread the word and make sure we don’t fall off a cliff again!


Buying Blogs, Selling Blogs: How I Built My Blogging Business

This is a guest post written by Mike, a financial planner / web entrepreneur who is pursuing his dream of running his online business. You can follow his progress at The Financial Blogger (RSS Feed).

3 years ago, I was told by many bloggers: “You will never make money blogging. And if you do, $200/month will be your highest peak ever”.

Three year ago, The Financial Blogger was averaging 500 visits per month and I was ecstatic when I made my first deal of $10 for a link.

Three years later, I now run three financial websites, bought 2 of them and flipped a blog within a year. I am now able to work 1 full day per week on my online business (while I still have to keep my “day job” in the meantime). I really like buying and managing finance blogs as I think it is currently one of the best investing opportunities we can find.

When I asked Sam if I could write a guest post for Financial Samurai, he asked me to include more details on how I appraised blogs and how do I decide or not to send $10K over the wire (or more!) simply to buy a “.com”.

Look at Blogs as a Real Estate Investing Opportunity

The Reply Button Is There For A Reason

Graphic by Hime

The following is a guest post by Hime, one of Financial Samurai’s first readers.  Hime is a manager at a strategy consultant firm who likes the violin and going on unplanned adventures.  Hope you enjoy!

All right everyone, how many times have you read an email and said to yourself “I don’t feel like replying now I’ll just do it later” only to have that email disappear into the deep abyss and completely forget that you left the sender hanging?

Come on, I know you’ve done that at least once.  If you do that more like every third email – CLUNK!  That is me hitting you over the head with an oversized rubber hammer as I resist the urge to shake the stubbornness out of you.  Think I’m overreacting?  Maybe a little but I am trying to save your career and relationships so please pay attention!